Baby Boy Names - Z

Baby Boy Names Z

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Baby Boy Names Beginning with Z


Zabulon Hebrew to exhalt, honor
Zaccheo Hebrew the one God remembers
Zachariah   Remembered by the Lord.
Zacharias   Remembered by the Lord.
Zachary Hebrew The Lord has remembered.
Zadok Hebrew Just, righteous.
Zador Hungarian violent
Zafar Arabic The triumphant one.
Zafer Turkish  
Zagger unknown  
Zagon Hungarian  
Zahin Hindu  
Zahir Arabic Shining, radiant.
Zahneny Hebrew Wise and peaceful.
Zahur Egyptian a flower
Zaid African increase, growth
Zaide Yiddish elder
Zajzon Hungarian  
Zakai Aramaic, Hebrew innocent, one who is pure
Zaki Arabic Pure.
Zalen Hungarian thrower, hitter
Zale Old English To sell, or a salary.
Zalman Yiddish Wise and peaceful.
Zamir Hebrew A songbird.
Zamor Hungarian plough-land
Zander Greek The protector and helper of mankind. Also see Sanders.
Zane Hebrew God is gracious. A boy or girl's name.
Zanebono Italian the good one
Zani Albanian  
Zaniel Latin angel of mondays
Zanipolo Italian little gift of God
Zann Hebrew  
Zanobi Latin scarsly alive
Zarend Hungarian gold
Zared Hebrew An ambush.
Zarek Greek may God protect the king
Zavier Arabic/Spanish Arabic: Bright. Spanish: Of the new house.
Zayden Hebrew  
Zazu Hebrew movement
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