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Aja is a multicultural baby name option. It has origins in Europe, Asia, and America. As of 2021, Aja is a top 3,800 option.

Meaning of the name Aja:

Sanskrit: goat
Mesopotamian: unknown
American: east
Sami: cold spring
Greenlandic: maternal aunt
Arabic: to drive, to propel
Danish: happy
Swedish: happy
Norwegian: happy
Finnish: happy
Latvian: happy

Origin of the name Aja:

The baby name Aja is a multicultural option from several different countries. In India, it is the Sanskrit word for “goat.” Aja is also a Mesopotamian option, and according to mythology, she was the wife of Samas, the sun god. In modern African American cultures, the name is a variation of Asia, which comes from the word “asu.” In Sami, Aja means “cold spring,” and in Greenland, “maternal aunt.” In Arabic, Aja translates to “to drive” or “to propel.” In eastern Europe, finally, Aja, is a variation of Eija, a play on the word “eijaa.”

Symbolism of the name Aja:

The baby name Aja has multicultural meanings. In the Sanskrit culture, it is the word for “goat,” and in African American cultures, it translates to “east.” The Mesopotamians never had a meaning for this baby name, but in Greenland, it is the term for a “maternal aunt.” Aja means “to drive” or “to propel” in Arabic, and in eastern Europe, the name represents a happy exclamation.

Style of the name Aja:

Classical or modern

Gender of the name Aja:

Aja is a feminine baby name all over the world. The only country where boys use it is India.

Pronunciation of the name Aja:

AY-zha, AY-zhuh, AH-ja, AH-yah, A-juh

Number of syllables in the name Aja:


Emotion evoked from the name Aja:

Aja feels cultural and simple. It is a unique and upbeat option.

Alternative spellings for the name Aja:

  • Ajah
  • Ajaa
  • Ajaah

Nicknames for the name Aja:

  • AJ
  • Ja
  • Jaja

Popularity of the name Aja:

Aja was first a top 1,000 baby name in 1978 at rank 412. It remained on the Social Security Popularity Index until 2002 at number 977. Aja ranked highest in that first year. As of 2021, Aja is a top 3,800 option at rank 3,738.

Related names for the name Aja:

  • Asa
  • Ganesha
  • Ino
  • Vishnu
  • Ashanti
  • Nita
  • Artis
  • Alondra 

Great middle names for Aja and their meanings:

  • Noni (gift of God)
  • Xavier (bright, splendid, new house)
  • Ayana (beautiful flower)
  • Sarai (princess)
  • Karimah (generous, giving)
  • Issa (Jesus)
  • Lyla (night)
  • Nadir (opposite)

Famous people with the name Aja:

  • Aja Kim (singer)
  • Aja Brown (California politician)
  • Aja (stage name of Jay Rivera, drag queen)
  • Aja Kong (wrestler)
  • Aja King (actress, “Boxing Day”)
  • Aja Volkman (musician from Nico Vega)
  • Aja Sims (gymnast)
  • Aja Bukavec (rhythmic gymnast)

Ajas in popular culture:

  • “Aja” (name of an album by Steely Dan)
  • Aja Killian (character from the “Pendragon” series)
  • Aja Leith (character from “Jem and the Holograms”)
  • Aja (character from “Trollhunters”)
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