Lyla is a beloved female baby name. Known for its simplicity and beauty, Lyla has become highly popular in the 21st century and remains a runaway hit in celebrity culture. Lyla Lerrol and Lyla “Harbringer” Michaels are important DC Comics characters, and Lyla Garrity was a main character in the television series Friday Night Lights. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Lyla:

Arabic: Night
Persian: Dark, dusky
English: Island girl

Origin of the name Lyla:

Lyla is a unique name with several possible etymologies. The first origin is a variation of the Arabic name Leila. This name derives from the Proto-Semitic root layl (meaning “night”). In the Persian language, the interpretation of layl is “dark.” For this reason, Lyla means “dusky” or “dark-haired beauty” in Persian.

In European culture, Lyla is the feminine variation of the male name Lyle. The name Lyle originated from the Norman French word l'isle (meaning “island”). Consequently, the name Lyla means “island girl” or “island beauty.”

Symbolism of the name Lyla:

Lyla is a variation of the Arabic word for “night” or the Persian words for “dark” and “dusk.” According to Middle Eastern tradition, girls born during the evening can receive the name Lyla (or its variations) to honor the auspicious timing of their births. For this context, symbols for Lyla include the crescent moon and the starry sky. In European culture, the name Lyla means “island.” The conventional symbol of the island is the palm tree.

Style of the name Lyla:


Gender of the name Lyla:

Lyla is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Lyla:


Number of syllables in the name Lyla:


Emotion evoked from the name Lyla:

The name Lyla evokes feelings of artistry and allure.

Alternative spellings for the name Lyla:

Nicknames for the name Lyla:

  • Lye
  • Lala

Popularity of the name Lyla:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Lyla was the 118th most popular baby name for girls in 2020. Lyla was the 120th most popular baby name for girls in 2019. The name Lyla has ranked among the top 200 baby girl names since 2009.

Related names for the name Lyla:

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Famous people with the name Lyla:

  • Lyla Rocco Barclay (actress)
  • Lyla Pinch Brock (archeologist)
  • Lyla Jane Buttery (daughter of businessman Edward Buttery)
  • Lyla Daphne Elliott (politician)
  • Lyla Isabela Castillo (daughter of actress April Castillo)
  • Lyla Kelsey Finnegan (daughter of Cortland Finnegan)
  • Lyla Mae Olson (public health advocate)
  • Lyla Grace Oshie (daughter of hockey player Timothy Leif Oshie)
  • Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger (daughter of Katherine Schwarzenegger)
  • Lyla Aranya Wilson (daughter of actor Owen Wilson)

Lyla in popular culture:

  • Lyla Garrity (main character in the television series Friday Night Lights)
  • Lyla Lerrol (DC Comics character)
  • Lyla Michaels (main character on the television series Arrow)
  • Lyla Novacek (main character in the film August Rush)
  • Lyla Winston (character on Sons of Anarchy)