Riya is a riveting name that hooks you like a good song. That's not surprising once you know that Riya means “singer.” This lyrical name is a beautiful choice for a baby girl. Keep reading to get the score on Riya.

Meaning of the name Riya:

Hindu: Singer

Origin of the name Riya:

Hindu. Riya is a popular Indian name that means “singer.”

Symbolism of the name Riya:

The name Riya is most closely associated with being a singer. It is also associated with jewels and riches.

Style of the name Riya:


Gender of the name Riya:

Riya is considered a classic female Indian name.

Pronunciation of the name Riya:


Syllables in the name Riya:


Emotion evoked from the name Riya:

The name Riya is considered a glamorous, gorgeous name in Hindu cultures.

Alternative spellings for the name Riya:

Reeah, Reia, Rhea.

Nicknames for the name Riya:

Ray, Ree, RiRi.

Popularity of the name Riya:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Riya made the list of the top 1,000 names for girls every year from 2002 to 2017.

Related names for the name Riya:

Rae, Rawya, Raya, Reya.

Great middle names for Riya and their meanings:

  • Adya (unparalleled)
  • Amala (pure, spotless)
  • Astrid (divinely beautiful)
  • Enid (spirit, life)
  • Kellyanne (lively)
  • Marie (star of the sea)
  • Shannon (old river)
  • Tanya (fairy queen)
  • Valerie (strength)
  • Viha (heaven)

Famous people with the name Riya:

  • Riya Sen (Indian actress and model)
  • Riya Shukla (Indian actress)

Riyas in movies/pop culture:

  • Riya Somani (character in “Half Girlfriend”)