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Tania used to be a nickname in Russia, but it is now a strong standalone option around the world. This unique baby name was a top 1,000 option in America until 2010, for instance. When spelled Tania, you get a sense of an international flair and refinement that is sure to impress others.

Meaning of the name Tania:

Russian: “belonging to the house of Tatius”

Origin of the name Tania:

The baby name Tania is a variation of the baby name Tanya. This latter option was a diminutive originally for the name Tatianna, becoming popularized in English-speaking countries in the early twentieth century. Tatiana is the feminine form of the baby name Tatianus, which was a diminutive of the Roman name Tatius.

Symbolism of the name Tania:

The baby name Tania is a variation of the baby name Tanya. They are both shortened forms of Tatiana, which is the female form of Tatianus, a nickname for Tatius. Tatius was a popular family name in Rome, making the meaning of “belonging to the house of Tatius” make sense.

Style of the name Tania:


Gender of the name Tania:

Tania is a refined name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Tania:

TAHN-yuh, TAN-yuh, or TA-nya

Number of syllables in the name Tania:


Emotion evoked from the name Tania:

Tania is upper class, formal, and noble. It is a complex name, especially with this spelling variation.

Alternative spellings for the name Tania:

  • Tanya
  • Taneya
  • Taniea
  • Tannya

Nicknames for the name Tania:

  • Tani
  • Nia
  • Tannie
  • Tanny
  • Ani

Popularity of the name Tania:

Tania was a top 1,000 baby name in America from 1960 to 2010 when it was rank 885. The name did its best as a top 400 option in the 1970s and 1990s. Its most popular year was 1976 when it was rank 312.

Related names for the name Tania:

Great middle names for Tania and their meanings:

  • Emira (princess, high born girl)
  • Aubrey (ruler of elves)
  • Lindsey (marsh, among the linden trees)
  • Adrian (son of Adria)
  • Elise (God is my oath)
  • Laura (bay laurel plant)
  • Jocelyn (happy)
  • Alveena (elf, magical being)

Famous people with the name Tania:

  • Tania Raymonde (actress, “Goliath”)
  • Tania Emery (actress, “Den of Lions”)
  • Tania Fiolleau (human rights activist)
  • Tania Cagnotto (diver)
  • Tania Domingues (rhythmic gymnast)

Tanias in popular culture:

  • Tania (character from “Faerie Path” series)
  • Tania Chernova (character from “Enemy at the Gates”)