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Carlton hasn't been on the list of the top 1,000 baby names for boys in the United States in nearly two decades, but it's still a great baby name that gets plenty of attention. These days, it's usually associated with a goofy sitcom character and a baseball great. Carlton pairs well with most classic middle names.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Carlton:

Carlton started out as an Old English place name used to describe a settlement where free men or peasants lived. It eventually became a surname, and now it's also a given name.

Symbolism of the Name Carlton:

Carlton doesn't offer much in the way of symbolism. In modern times, many people may associate the name with the character Carlton Banks from the TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” or baseball great Carlton Fisk.

Nicknames for the Name Carlton:

When thinking of nicknames for Carlton, Carl is likely what comes to mind first. It's important to consider all of your options, though! Check out the full list of great Carlton nicknames:

  • Carl
  • Karl
  • Carlo
  • Ton
  • Tonny
  • Tons
  • Tonser
  • Arl
  • Art
  • Cal
  • Alt
  • Tono
Baby name Carlton


Style of the Name Carlton:


Gender of the Name Carlton:

Carlton is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the Name Carlton:


Number of Syllables in the Name Carlton:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Carlton:

The baby name Carlton evokes images of someone who is sensitive and caring.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Carlton:

Popularity of the Name Carlton:

According to the Social Security Administration, Carlton was a top 1,000 baby name for boys in the United States up until 2005. It was most popular in 1937 when it ranked at number 217. It last ranked at number 969 in 2005.

Great Middle Names for Carlton and Their Meanings:

Famous People with the Name Carlton:

  • Carlton Fisk (baseball player)
  • Carlton(musician and member of the band Bob Marley and the Wailers)
  • Carlton Cole (soccer player)
  • Carlton Cuse (screenwriter and producer)
  • Carlton Skinner (first governor of Guam)
  • Carlton Banks (character on the TV show “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”)
  • Carlton Lassiter (character from the TV show “Psych”)
  • Carlton Carlson (character from the TV show “The Simpsons”)
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