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Ethyn is a Hebrew baby boy’s name that means “strong firm”. Ethyn is an uncommon variant spelling of the popular name Ethan. Ethyn is part of the trend of spelling common names with a “y” like Madelyn and Aaryn.

Meaning of the name Ethyn:

Hebrew: strong, firm

Origin of the name Ethyn:

Ethyn is a Hebrew baby boy’s name that means “strong, firm”. Ethyn is a variant spelling of the name Ethan.

Symbolism of the name Ethyn:

Ethyn means “strong, firm” and is associated with rock and earth. Rocks form the foundation of stability and can weather the storms of life.

Style of the name Ethyn:


Gender of the name Ethyn:

Ethyn is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Ethyn:

EE-thən (English), EH-TAN (French)

Number of syllables in the name Ethyn:


Emotion evoked from the name Ethyn:

Ethyn evokes feelings of intelligence and hard work.

Alternative spellings for the name Ethyn:

Ethan, Ethen, Eitan

Nicknames for the name Ethyn:

  • Thyn
  • Tyn
  • Eth

Popularity of the name Ethyn:

According to the Social Security Administration, Ethyn is an uncommon baby boy’s name. Ethyn has never appeared in the top 1000 baby names. Variant spelling Ethan has been popular since 1952 and in the top 10 names between 2002 and 2016.

Related names for the name Ethyn:

Great middle names for the name Ethyn and their meanings:

  • Michael (who is like God?)
  • Kayden (round, barrel)
  • Rumi (beauty, flow, lapis lazuli)
  • Carlisle (from the walled city)
  • Sabin (from the Sabines)
  • Isidore (gift of Isis)
  • Casimir (destroyer of peace)
  • Emrys (immortal)
  • Rami (wise protector, father of many, archer)
  • Rene (reborn)

Famous people with the name Ethyn:

  • Ethan Allen (American Revolutionary War hero)
  • Ethan Coen (American film director and screenwriter)
  • Ethan Zohn (American soccer player)
  • Ethan Josh Lee (American actor)
  • Ethan Green Hawke (American actor)

Ethyns in popular culture:

  • Ethyn Capall (media, “Monster High”)
  • Ethan Hunt (film, “Mission: Impossible” series)
  • Ethan Rom (television, “Lost”)
  • Ethan Chandler Talbot (television, “Penny Dreadful”)
  • Ethan Kavanagh (film/literature, “Fifty Shades of Grey” series)
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