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Jarrett is found as both a given name and a surname. Jarrett is also an interesting variation of another English name. Keep reading to discover more about the name.

Meaning of the name Jarrett:

Germanic for “rule of the spear”.

Origin of the name Jarrett:

Jarrett is a variation of the name “Garrett”, giving the name English origins. From there, “Garrett” comes from the likes of “Gerald”. This type of link can even give Jarrett some distant Germanic roots.

Symbolism of the name Jarrett:

To discover the symbolism in the name Jarrett, let’s look back into its origins and take the meaning from there. When doing so, Jarrett is associated with terms like “spear” and “ruler”. This can connect Jarrett to the determination and strength found in warriors.

Style of the name Jarrett:


Gender of the name Jarrett:

The baby name Jarrett is normally used for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Jarrett:

JAR-it or JEHR-it

Number of syllables in the name Jarrett:


Emotion evoked from the name Jarrett:

Jarrett is a bold baby name that evokes feelings of fearlessness and strength.

Alternative spellings for the name Jarrett:

Nicknames for the name Jarrett:

  • Jarry
  • Jay
  • Ret
  • Jett
  • Jet

Popularity of the name Jarrett:

Based on information from the Social Security Administration, Jarrett has seen moderate popularity over the years. The name Jarrett made it as high as #282 on the list of the top 1000 baby names back in 1998.

Related names for the name Jarrett:

Great middle names for Jarrett and their meanings:

  • Mars (month name; Roman god of war)
  • James (supplanter)
  • Kingsley (king’s meadow)
  • Bronson (son of brown-haired one)
  • Sabastian (person from ancient city of Sebastia)
  • Adrien (son of the red earth)
  • Bryant (strong, virtuous, and honorable)
  • Trey (three)

Famous people with the name Jarrett:

  • Jarrett Culver (American basketball player)
  • Jarrett Allen (American basketball player)
  • Jarrett Stidham (American football player)

Jarretts in movies/pop culture:

  • “Jarrett” (1973 TV film)
  • Jarrett Tibbs (character in the 2011 film “Cyberbully”)
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