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Kyana is a beautiful international baby name for girls. Harmonious in composition, this name's agreeable tone has made it a standout choice in popular culture. Kyana is the name of a main character in the animated series Mia and Me, and Kyana Monroe is the titular protagonist of In the Eyes of Kyana. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Kyana:

Kyana is a unique modern baby name with several possible origins. Foremost, Kyana is a spelling variation of Kiana. The name Kiana is the Hawaiian variant of Diana. This name originates from the Proto-Indo-European root dyeu or dyeus (meaning “heavenly,” “celestial,” or “divine”). In Irish culture, Kiana is the feminine variation of Kian (or Cian). This name originates from the Irish element cían and means “ancient” or “enduring”.

Kyana has additional meanings in other cultures. In Persian, the name Kyana or Kiana (کیانا) means “royal queen”. And within the African American community, Kiana is also a variation of Qiana. This is a modern American name that originated in the 20th century and means “silky”.

Symbolism of the Name Kyana:

Kyana is an alternative spelling of Kiana. This name is the Hawaiian variation of Diana (meaning “divine”) as well as the feminine variation of Kian (meaning “ancient” or “enduring”). In Irish mythology, Kian was a legendary hero who could transform himself into a pig. The symbol of Kian is gold. Moreover, Kian's association with pigs and gold later converged with the English custom of the piggy bank. As a result, Kiana became a name associated with wealth and good fortune.

Nicknames for the Name Kyana:

Finding good nicknames that are derived from a given name can be tough. Fortunately, we're here to help make it easier. Here is a list of the best nicknames for Kyana:

Style of the Name Kyana:


Gender of the Name Kyana:

Kyana is a girl's baby name.

Pronunciation of the Name Kyana:


Number of Syllables in the Name Kyana:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Kyana:

The name Kyana evokes feelings of health and happiness.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Kyana:

  • Kiana
  • Kyauna
  • Kyanah

Popularity of the Name Kyana:

Kyana is an alternative spelling of the name Kiana. According to the Social Security Administration index, Kiana was the 897th most popular baby name for girls in 2020. As of 2022, Kyana is not on the top 1,000 list. Kiana remains on the list at rank 753.

Great Middle Names for Kyana and Their Meanings:

  • Arianne (most holy)
  • Belén (house of bread)
  • Charlize (free man, strong, virile, petite)
  • Denise (follower of Dionysius)
  • Dominique (of the Lord)
  • Filomena (friend of strength)
  • Gizelle (pledge, hostage, oath)
  • Mared (pearl)
  • Pax (peace)
  • Penelope (weaver)
  • Rhiannon (great queen)
  • Sydney (wide meadow)
  • Wynn (friend, blessed, white, fair)

Famous People with the Name Kyana:

  • Kyana Bradley (mental health advocate)
  • Kyana Davidson (film producer)
  • Kyana Fanene (actress)
  • Kyana Frauenfelder (professional darts player)
  • Kyana Gordon (artist)
  • Kyana Lee Jimenez (actress)
  • Kyana Kiwala (singer)
  • Kyana Di Lillo (film director)
  • Kyana McPherson (television personality)
  • Kyana Teresa (actress)
  • Kyana (unincorporated community in Indiana, United States)
  • Kyana (unicorn in the animated series Mia and Me)
  • Kyana Monroe (titular protagonist of In the Eyes of Kyana)
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