Mylie is a modern English baby name that means “merciful” or “soldier”. Mylie is an alternate spelling of Miley and the feminine form of the name Miles. Mylie had a brief moment in the spotlight in the late 2000’s but hasn’t appeared in the top 1000 names since 2009.

Meaning of the name Mylie:

Slavic: merciful
Latin: soldier

Origin of the name Mylie:

Mylie is a modern English name of Slavic and Latin origins. From Slavic Mylie comes from the name element “milu” that means “merciful”. From Latin Mylie comes from the term “milos” which means soldier. Mylie is an alternate spelling of the name Miley and a feminine form of the name Miles.

Symbolism of the name Mylie:

Mylie has the duality of a name meaning “merciful” and “soldier” which evokes the idea of a strong, powerful, but compassionate person.

Style of the name Mylie:


Gender of the name Mylie:

Mylie is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Mylie:


Number of syllables in the name Mylie:


Emotion evoked from the name Mylie:

Mylie evokes feelings of creativity and strength.

Alternative spellings for the name Mylie:

Miley, Mylee, Maile, Maily

Nicknames for the name Mylie:

Popularity of the name Mylie:

According to the Social Security Administration, Mylie is a popular baby girl’s name. Mylie was on the top 1000 baby name’s list in 2008 and 2009, peaking at #840.

Related names for the name Mylie:

Great middle names for the name Mylie and their meanings:

  • Layne (path)
  • Eire (from the island to the west)
  • Violet (purple)
  • Tiana (fairy queen)
  • Avery (ruler of the elves)
  • Ella (complete)
  • Claire (bright)
  • Iris (rainbow)

Famous people with the name Mylie:

  • Miley Ray Cyrus (American musician)
  • Miley Beau Pearson (daughter of singer Sam Bailey and Craig Pearson)
  • Miley Henle (American YouTuber)
  • Miley Mumford (American actress)

Mylie in popular culture:

  • Miley Ray Steward (television, “Hannah Montanna”)
  • Miley Windass (television, “Coronation Street”)
  • Miley Small (media, “DarthWiki”)