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Gay is a unisex baby name of French origin that means “joyful.” Gay was a popular name in the first half of the 20th century, but since the term has come to mean “homosexual,” it has fallen out of popularity as a name. With that said, it is a classic name with a rich history. Read on to learn more.

Meaning and Origin of the name Gay:

Gay is a French unisex baby name that means “joyful.” Gay is also a diminutive of names such as Gayle, Gaylen, Gabriel, and Gaylord.

Symbolism of the name Gay:

Gay means “joyful.” Common symbols of joy from around the world include the color yellow, daisies, sunflowers, rabbits, songbirds, sunlight, and white clouds.

Nicknames for the name Gay:

Style of the name Gay:


Gender of the name Gay:

Gay is a unisex baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Gay:


Number of syllables in the name Gay:


Emotion evoked from the name Gay:

Gay evokes feelings of happiness and joy.

Alternative spellings for the name Gay:

Gaye, Gae

Popularity of the name Gay:

According to the Social Security Administration, Gay is a popular unisex baby name. As a girl’s name, Gay was in the top 1000 baby names list from 1900 to 1969, peaking at #315 in 1943. As a boy’s name, Gay was in the top 1000 baby names list in one year, 1941, when it ranked #994.

Great middle names for the name Gay and their meanings:


  • August (great, magnificent)
  • Finn (fair, white)
  • Felix (happy, fortunate)
  • Arlo (between two hill)
  • Atticus (from Attica)
  • Jasper (bringer of treasure)
  • Rowan (rowan tree, little redhead)
  • Joscelin (member of the Gauts tribe)


Famous people with the name Gay:

  • Gay Talese (American journalist)
  • Gay Hendricks (American author)
  • Gay Robert Brewer Jr. (American golfer)
  • Gay Kindersley (British jockey and trainer)
  • Gay Kayler (Australian country music singer)
  • Gay Langland (film, “The Misfits”)
  • Gaylord “Gay” Focker (film, “Meet the Parents” series)
  • Gay Van Buren (web series, “The Most Popular Girls at School”)
  • Gay (literature, “The Original Follies Girl” by Zelda Fitzgerald)
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