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Jarred is a popular baby name for boys. As a variation of an ancient name, Jarred became a hallmark of the last two decades of the 20th century. Jarred Archer is the name of a character in the Camp Half-Blood series, and Jarred Sneel is character in the Star Wars franchise. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Jarred:

Hebrew: Descent

Origin of the name Jarred:

Jarred is a spelling variation of the name Jared. This name derives from the Hebrew word יָרֶד or yared (meaning “descent”).

Symbolism of the name Jarred:

Jarred is an alternative spelling of Jared (a Hebrew name that means “descent”). According to the Book of Jubilees, Jared was one of the major antediluvian patriarchs between Adam and Noah (Jubilees 13-15). In the biblical context, the symbol of Jarred was the archangel.

Style of the name Jarred:

Biblical, Classic

Gender of the name Jarred:

Jarred is a boy's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Jarred:


Number of syllables in the name Jarred:


Emotion evoked from the name Jarred:

The name Jarred evokes feelings of justice and joy.

Alternative spellings for the name Jarred:

Nicknames for the name Jarred:

  • Jar
  • Jarry
  • Jarrie

Popularity of the name Jarred:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Jarred was the 850th most popular baby name for boys in 2003.

Related names for the name Jarred:

Great middle names for Jarred and their meanings:

  • Alford (old river crossing, alder tree ford)
  • Bergen (mountain dweller)
  • Chauncey (chancellor, provost, official)
  • Elijah (the Lord is my God)
  • Goran (highlander, mountain man)
  • Hans (God is gracious)
  • Ludwig (renowned warrior, famous in battle)
  • Melton (middle settlement)
  • Rhodes (cleared land)
  • Seth (appointed, placed, given)
  • Wesley (west meadow)

Famous people with the name Jarred:

  • Jarred Alterman (film director)
  • Jarred Blancard (actor)
  • Jarred Lynn Cosart (baseball player)
  • Jarred Michael Fayson (football player)
  • Jarred Jermaine Gazarian (record producer)
  • Jarred Gavan Gillett (professional league referee)
  • Jarred Robert Kelenic (baseball player)
  • Jarred Daniel Rome (Olympic athlete)
  • Jarred Michael Tinordi (ice hockey player)
  • Jarred Vanderbilt (basketball player)

Jarred in popular culture:

  • Jarred Archer (character in the Camp Half-Blood series)
  • Jarred Sneel (character in the Star Wars franchise)
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