Kaiya is a charming modern baby name for girls. With its distinctive spelling and universal appeal, this name makes a stunning statement in any part of the world. Kaiya is the name of a main character in the Jewel Pet anime series, and Kaiya Sora Samson is the female protagonist of the Kaiya and Jarrell series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Kaiya:

Hawaiian: Ocean, sea
Japanese: Yew, sea
Chinese: Triumph, victory
Turkish: Rock
Greek: Pure
Indigenous Australian: Spear

Origin of the name Kaiya:

Kaiya is an international baby name with various origins that depend upon the local culture. For Hawaiians, the name Kaiya is a feminine elaboration of the word kai (meaning “ocean” or “sea”). In Japanese, kaiya is the word for “yew tree.” Although some people also associate the name Kaiya with the Japanese word for “forgiveness,” the name more closely matches the kanji character 海 (meaning “sea”). The name also matches the Chinese character 凯 (meaning “triumph” or “victory”).

Kaiya has several other interpretations in other languages. In Turkish, kaiya is the exact word for “rock.” For Indigenous Australians who speak Wik Mungknh, kaiya is the word for “spear.” Finally, some linguists believe that Kaiya is simply an alternative spelling of Kaia. This name is the Finnish and Estonian diminutive of Katerina. The name ultimately derives from the Greek word καθαρός (meaning “pure”).

Baby name Kaiya

Symbolism of the name Kaiya:

Kaiya is a global baby name with various meanings around the world. In Hawaiian and Japanese, Kaiya is an elaboration of the word for sea. For example, the Hawaiian elements ka wai mean “the sea,” and the namesakes Kaia and Kaiya are feminine tributes to the ocean. In Hawaii and Japan, the sea is symbolic of life, sustenance, and travel.

Style of the name Kaiya:


Gender of the name Kaiya:

Kaiya is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Kaiya:


Number of syllables in the name Kaiya:


Emotion evoked from the name Kaiya:

The name Kaiya evokes feelings of life and liberty.

Alternative spellings for the name Kaiya:

Nicknames for the name Kaiya:

Popularity of the name Kaiya:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Kaiya was the 980th most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

Related names for the name Kaiya:

Great middle names for Kaiya and their meanings:

  • Arielle (lion of God)
  • Bethany (house of figs)
  • Dionne (follower of Dionysus, child of heaven)
  • Elyse (my God is an oath)
  • Fallon (leader, superior, ruler)
  • Felicity (happiness)
  • Indigo (deep purple, Indian dye)
  • Jane (God is gracious)
  • Orianne (sunrise, dawn, golden)
  • Thandie (loving one)
  • Xiomara (battle-ready)
  • Wisteria (lilac flower)

Famous people with the name Kaiya:

  • Kaiya Bakrania (actress)
  • Kaiya Cade (songwriter)
  • Kaiya Hart (novelist)
  • Kaiya Jones (actress)
  • Kaiya June McCullough (soccer player)
  • Kaiya Pryor (actress)
  • Kaiya Seki (swimmer)
  • Kaiya Stone (actress)
  • Kaiya Bella Luna Stormare (daughter of actor Peter Stormare)

Kaiya in popular culture:

  • Kaiya (character in the Jewel Pet anime series)
  • Kaiya Beach Resort (luxury enclave in Rosemary Beach, Florida)
  • Kaiya Sora Samson (female lead character in the Kaiya and Jarrell series by Mya Kay)