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Kymberly is a good name for boys or girls that comes from the Old English. It means From The Meadow of the Royal Fortress. The name Kymberly’s popularity ranks at #185 in births in the United States.

Meaning of the name Kymberly

From The Meadow Of The Royal Fortress

Origin of the name Kymberly


Symbolism of the name Kymberly

Kymberly is usually the life of the party, always full of humor and very sociable. Being around others makes her feel at home and helps to spark her creativity. Kymberly has a lot of different talents and interests so she may appear unfocused but actually, she is just a great multitasker.

Style of the name Kymberly


Gender of the name Kymberly

Kymberly is a unisex baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Kymberly


Number of syllables in the name Kymberly


Emotion evoked from the name Kymberly

Kymberly has a natural joy for life and is focused on a level of principles and discipline. She can be a little jealous now and then, but mostly just from uncertainty and insecurity. It takes her some time to open up, but once she gives her heart, she gives it freely and openly. Kymberly has inner clarity and strength.

Alternative spellings for the name Kymberly

  • Kimberley
  • Kimberlee 
  • Kimberleigh
  • Kimberlie
  • Kymberlie
  • Kymberlee
  • Kymberleigh

Nicknames for the name Kymberly

  • Kim
  • Kimmie
  • Kimmy
  • Kay 
  • Kym

Popularity of the name Kymberly

Kymberly came onto the popularity charts in 1955. It rose drastically in 1960 and then dropped again in 1961. Its popularity doubled again in 1962 and then rose gradually until 1969. By 1972, the name dropped drastically again but then it began to rise steadily again and peaked around 1988.

Related names for the name Kymberly

Great middle names for Kymberly and their meanings

  • Faye (loyalty or belief)
  • Rose (beautiful flower)
  • Jane (God is gracious)
  • Dawn (the first appearance of light)
  • Layne (dweller by the road)
  • Skye (sky or cloud)
  • Lauren (laurel plant)
  • Marie (star of the sea)
  • Claire (clear)

Famous people with the name Kymberly

  • Kymberly Pine (an American politician)
  • Kymberly N Pinder (Boston government)
  • Kymberly Marciano (model and photographer)

Kymberlys in popular culture

  • Kymberly (character in the movie “We’re the Millers”)
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