Baby Boy Names - G

Baby Boy Names G

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Baby Boy Names Beginning with G


Gabai Hebrew delight, adornment
Gable French Little Gabriel. A man of God.
Gabor Hungarian Hungarian form of Gabriel. A man of God.
Gabriel Hebrew God is my strength. One of the archangels in the Bible. A boy or girl's name.
Gadiel Hebrew God is my fortune.
Gadil Arabic God is my wealth
Gafna unknown  
Gagan Hindu  
Gage Old French A pledge.
Gair Irish Gaelic Short.
Gaius Latin To rejoice.
Galahad   From a place name in the Bible. One of King Arthur's knights.
Gale   A stranger. A boy or girl's name.
Galen Greek The calm one, or the helper. A boy or girl's name.
Galeno Spanish little bright one
Galip Turkish winner
Gallagher Irish Gaelic The foreign helper.
Gallard Old French From gay and lively, or a dandy.
Galloway Gaelic A stranger or foreigner.
Gallus   From Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra.
Galor Old French From gay and lively, or a dandy.
Galton Old English From the rented estate or farm.
Galvin Irish Gaelic The right one.
Galway Gaelic A stranger or foreigner.
Gamal Arabic camel
Gamaliel Hebrew The recompense of God. A biblical name.
Gaman Hindu  
Gamba African warrior
Gamble Norse old
Gamel Scandinavian The old one.
Ganan Aboriginal From the west.
Gandolf Teutonic The progress of the wolf.
Ganesh Sanskrit The lord of the hosts. The elephant-headed Hindu God of wisdom.
Gannon Irish Gaelic The little blond or fair one.
Ganymede Greek A mythological youth.
Gara Hungarian goshawk
Gardiner Old French One who tends the garden.
Gardner   A gardener.
Gareth Welsh Gentle, or an old man.
Garett Anglo-Saxon powerful with the spear
Garfield Old English From the triangular field or battlefield.
Garin Old German warrior
Garland Old French A crown or wreath of flowers. A boy or girl's name.
Garman Old English The spearman.
Garmond Old English A spear protector.
Garner Old French One who tends the garden.
Garnet Old French Dark red, from the colour of pomegranates. Also the name of a gemstone. A boy or girl's name.
Garrett English English from Old French. A spear warrior. Also see Gerald and Gerard.
Garrick Old English Leads by the spear.
Garridan English you hid
Garrison   Troops in battle.
Garron   Guardian.
Garry   To watch.
Garth Old Norse A field or garden.
Garton Old Norse A dweller at the fenced farm.
Garvey Gaelic From the rough place.
Garvin Teutonic A spear friend.
Garwood Old English From the Firtrees.
Gary English/Teutonic English: A spearman. Also from the name Gareth, Tuetonic: Garfield and Garrett.
Garyson Old English son of Gary
Gaspar Persian The master of the treasure. Also see Caspar and Jasper.
Gassy Old Norse The staff of the Goths.
Gaston French A man from the province of Gascony.
Gaurav Hindu  
Gautam Hindu  
Gautama Sanskrit The name of the Buddha.
Gautier French A mighty ruler.
Gavan   White hawk.
Gavin Celtic Little hawk.
Gavrie Russian man of God
Gavril Russian A man of God.
Gawain Celtic A battle hawk. One of king Arthur?s legendary knights. Also see Gavin.
Gayle Hebrew Father's joy. A boy or girl's name.
Gaylord Old French Brave.
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