Baby Boy Names - V

Baby Boy Names V

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Baby Boy Names Beginning with V


Vachel Old French A little cow or one who raises cows.
Vaclav Czech Czech form of Wenceslas.
Vadim Russian A powerful ruler.
Vahe Armenian victor
Vaibhav Hindu  
Vail Old English From the valley.
Vairaja Hindu son of Virat
Valdemar Slavonic A powerful ruler.
Valentin Danish/French/Swedish Strong, healthy.
Valentine Latin Strong, healthy. The name of a 3rd-century saint. A boy or girl's name.
Valentino Italian Strong, healthy.
Valeray Old French, Latin valor, strong
Valerian Latin Strong and powerful.
Vallis Old French The Welshman.
Valter Teutonic A mighty ruler.
Vamana Sanskrit Deserving praise.
Van Dutch Generally a prefix to a surname, but also used as a first name. Also from the name Ivan.
Vance Old English A thresher.
Vane Old English From the marsh or fen.
Vaninadh Hindu Husband of Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge)
Vanya Russian Eastern European form of John. From the name Ivan.
Varad Hungarian From the fortress.
Varden Old French From the green hills.
Varian Latin The changeable one.
Varick Icelandic/Tuetonic Icelandic: A sea drifter. Tuetonic: A protecting ruler.
Variya Hindu excellent one
Varkony Hungarian name of an Avar ethnic group
Varocher French  
Varrius   From Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure.
Varsony Hungarian name of an ethnic group
Vartan Armenian A rose.
Varun Hindu lord of the waters
Varuna Sanskrit The God of the night sky.
Vasant Hindu  
Vasava Hindu Indra
Vasilios Greek with royal blood, regal
Vasily Russian Royal, kingly.
Vasu Hindu  
Vasudev Hindu  
Vasudeva Sanskrit The father of the God Krishna.
Vasuman Hindu born of fire
Vaughan Welsh Small.
Vavrin Czech laurel
Vavrinec Czech Lawrence
Vayk Hungarian rich
Vazsony Hungarian  
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