Emalee is a baby girl’s name of English origin. Emalee is a rare variant spelling of Emily and means “rival”. Emalee is a unique spin on the more common spelling which has been wildly popular since the mid-1970s.

Meaning of the name Emalee:

English: rival

Origin of the name Emalee:

Emalee is a baby girl’s name of English origin that means “rival”. Emalee is an uncommon variant spelling of the traditional name Emily.

Symbolism of the name Emalee:

Emalee means “rival” which implies competition. Symbols associated with rivalry and competition include woodlarks, robins, eagles, petunias, and Dame’s rocket flowers.

Style of the name Emalee:


Gender of the name Emalee:

Emalee is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Emalee:


Number of syllables in the name Emalee:


Emotion evoked from the name Emalee:

Emalee evokes feelings of success and beauty.

Alternative spellings for the name Emalee:

Emely, Emilee, Emily, Amilie, Emilie

Nicknames for the name Emalee:

Popularity of the name Emalee:

According to the Social Security Administration, Emalee is an uncommon baby girl’s name. Emalee has never appeared in the top 1000 baby names list. The more common spelling of Emily has been in the top 1000 names list every year since 1900 and in the top 100 names since 1973.

Related names for the name Emalee:

Great middle names for the name Emalee and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Emalee:

  • Emalee Hudson (American artist)
  • Emalee Rice (American graphic artist)
  • Emalee Nelson (American researcher and educator)
  • Emalee Doyle (American geologist)
  • Emalee Thompson (American actress)

Emalee in popular culture:

  • Emalee (media, “Five Nights are Freddy’s” series)
  • Emalee (film, “The Johnsons”)
  • Emalee (comics, “MAD” magazine)