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Jayda is a trendy modern baby name for girls. Contemporary in composition, this name also has ancient interpretations that give it substance. Jayda is the name of the female nemesis in the Charmed series, and Jayda is also a character in the Canadian Zixx series. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning of the Name Jayda

Jayda is an alternative spelling of Jada. This name has several origins. Foremost, Jada is an elaboration of the name Jade (meaning “green gemstone”). This name entered English via the French term l'ejade and ultimately derived from the Spanish expression “piedra de la ijada” (or “stone of the flank”). The expression referred to the belief that the green gemstone could cure ailments of the flank and kidneys.

In addition to the Latin etymology, Jayda is also the English transcription of the Hebrew name Yahda. This name derived from the Hebrew phrase יָדָע (meaning “God knows”). Finally, Jayda is also a translation of the Arabic phrase جيداء (jayda‘). This Arabic phrase means “good woman.”

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Throughout the medieval period, European nobility believed that jade could cure illnesses, and East Asian elite classes believed that jade could prevent decay. During this era, the symbol of jade was the dragon.

Nicknames for Jayda

The name Jayda evokes feelings of brilliance and beauty. For such a beautiful name, it's important to find the perfect nickname to pair it with. Below, we've compiled a list of options for you to consider when you're nicknaming the Jayda in your life.

Jayda Name Details

Style: Modern

Gender: Jayda is traditionally considered to be a girls name.

Pronunciation: JAY-də

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Jayda

Jayda Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration index, Jayda was the 631st most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

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Great Middle Names for Jayda and Their Meanings

  • Annette (grace, favor)
  • Azaria (God has helped)
  • Britney (person from Britain)
  • Delaney (alder grove, dark challenger)
  • Harley (hare meadow)
  • Monique (advisor, unique, solitary)
  • Nayeli (love, openness)
  • Ophelia (help, aid, benefit)
  • Paisley (church, basilica, place of worship)
  • Saoirse (freedom, liberty)
  • Tempest (storm)
  • Valentina (strong, valorous, healthy)

Famous People Named Jayda

  • Jayda Amanda Loyola Avanzado (singer)
  • Jayda Aslan Berkmen (actress)
  • Jayda Coleman (softball player)
  • Jayda Eyles (actress)
  • Jayda Kaleigh Fransen (public figure)
  • Jayda Hansen (drummer)
  • Jayda Johnston (basketball player)
  • Jayda Marie (singer)
  • Jayda Noble (basketball player)
  • Jayda Thompson (film producer)
  • Jayda (female nemesis in the Charmed series)
  • Jayda (character in the Zixx series)
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