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Quintin came from the Old Roman family name Quinitus and became popular throughout Scotland, France, and England. It is a French Latin name that means “fifth”.

Meaning of the name Quintin


Origin of the name Quintin


Symbolism of the name Quintin

Quinton is flexible and always open to new ideas. He values independence and is tolerant and trusting of other people. Quinton always has a positive attitude and takes punches in life with grace and patience. He always tries to stay in a happy frame of mind. He is adaptable and loves to learn new things.

Style of the name Quintin


Gender of the name Quintin

Quintin is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Quintin


Number of syllables in the name Quintin


Emotion evoked from the name Quintin

Quintin is an adaptable person and understands the value of using all of his senses. Even less pleasant sensations offer an opportunity to learn. Quintin is a sociable person, friendly and open-minded. He always stays alert to what is going on around him.

Alternative spellings for the name Quintin

Nicknames for the name Quintin

  • Quin
  • Q
  • Quinnie
  • Quint
  • Quinty

Popularity of the name Quintin

Quintin first appeared on the popularity charts in 1956. It almost doubled in 1957 and then went back down in 1958. From there it grew in popularity every year up to 1964. After 1965, it started to decline every year until around 1973. It went up in 1976 and stayed steady until 1981 when it almost immediately doubled. From there, the name Quintin stayed quite popular until around 2004.

Related names for the name Quintin

Great middle names for Quintin and their meanings

  • Esteban (crown and garland)
  • Lucio (light)
  • Guido (guide)
  • Rodrigo (famous ruler)
  • Ceferino (he who caresses like)
  • Nicolas (victory of the people)
  • Wolfango (who walks like a wolf, hunter of wolves)
  • Carlos (freeman)
  • Edwin (friend)
  • Gregorio (watchful)

Famous people with the name Quintin

  • Quintin Hogg (merchant)
  • Quinton Dailey (American basketball player)
  • Quintin Demps (American football player)
  • Quintin Berry (former professional baseball player)
  • Quintin Mikell (former American football player)
  • Quintin Paredes (Filipino lawyer, politician, and statesman)
  • Quintin E. Primo (businessman)
  • Quintin Borders (American football player)

Quintins in popular culture

There is no reference to the name Quintin spelled in that way in popular culture

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