Birthday Party Themes

Birthday Party Themes

We also have Birthday Party Games to match your fun with your themes!

Birthday party themes can take a lot of work out of planning a birthday party. Choosing a theme makes decorating, games, and even the food much easier to pull together.

From pirates to princesses and many more in between, we've put together themes that will create a wonderland for your child. They can be transported back to prehistoric times with a Dino Party, transformed into royalty as a Princess or a Queen, or participate in the Winter Olympic Games. Each theme has food ideas and game suggestions so you don't have to plan out anything except a timeline for putting on a fabulous party for your birthday child.

When choosing a birthday party theme, involve your child. Watch for the clues that say "you're the best mom ever!" when you suggest a theme (like their eyes lighting up at the thought of being a swashbuckling pirate). A theme can be tailored to your budget with incredible results no matter how much you spend.

What ever birthday party theme you choose, make sure to take lots of pictures and most of all have fun! That saying about "they grow up so fast" is true. Birthday parties are the milestones to enjoy along the way.


Airplane Party Theme

Ballerina Party Theme

Beach Party Theme

Bowling Party Theme

Circus Party Theme

Concert Party Theme

Construction Party Theme

Cowboy Party Theme

Dino Party

Dog Party Theme

Fairy Party Theme

Farm Party Theme

Fire Fighter Party Theme

First Birthday Party Themes

Frog Party Theme

Garden Party Theme

Girls Only Party Theme

Harry Potter Party Theme

It's A Luau Party!

Jungle Party Theme

Karate Party Theme

Kitten Party Theme

Magic Party Theme

Mall Party Theme

Model Party

Monster Party Theme

Night Out Party Theme

Ocean Party Theme

Old Fashioned Country Fair

Penguin Party Theme

Pirates Ahoy!

Pizza Party Theme

Pony Party Theme

Racecar Party Theme

Ratatouille Party Theme

Robot Party Theme

Sesame Street Party Theme

Shark Party Theme

Slumber Party Theme

Spa Party Theme

Space Party Blast Off

Sports Party Theme

Spy Party Theme

Superhero Party Theme

The Party Princess

The Queens Tea Party

The Winter Olympic Games

Train Party Theme

Unicorn Party Theme

Water Party

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