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Khyree is a modern English unisex baby name that means “lord”. Khyree comes from the Greek name Kyrie. Khyree is a unisex name but is more commonly used as a boy’s name.

Meaning of the name Khyree:

English: lord

Origin of the name Khyree:

Khyree is a modern English unisex baby name that means “lord”. Khyree is a variant spelling of the Greek name Kyrie.

Symbolism of the name Khyree:

Khyree is a variant of the Greek name Kyrie and comes from the name of a Christian prayer. The “Kyrie Eleison” is a Christian prayer that means “Lord, have mercy” and is often used in liturgies in Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Anglican Churches.

Style of the name Khyree:


Gender of the name Khyree:

Khyree is a name given to both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Khyree:

KEE-ri-ay, KIE-ree

Number of syllables in the name Khyree:

two or three, depending on pronunciation

Emotion evoked from the name Khyree:

Khyree evokes feelings of passion and pride.

Alternative spellings for the name Khyree:

Kyrie, Kirie, Khyrie

Nicknames for the name Khyree:

Popularity of the name Khyree:

According to the Social Security Administration, Khyree is an uncommon baby name. Khyree has never appeared in the top 1000 baby names.

Related names for the name Khyree:

Great middle names for the name Khyree and their meanings:


  • Lawrence (from Laurentium)
  • Walter (army ruler)
  • Devon (place name)
  • Chace (to hunt)
  • Trey (three)
  • Kenan (possession)
  • Fenrir (fen-dweller)
  • Burke (from the fortress)


  • Ophelia (help)
  • Cleo (glory)
  • Zora (dawn)
  • Artemis (moon goddess)
  • Harriet (estate ruler)
  • Maeve (she who intoxicates)
  • Astra (of the stars)
  • Luna (moon)

Famous people with the name Khyree:

  • Khyree Jackson (American football player)
  • Khyree Taylor (American basketball player)
  • Khyree Temple (American basketball player)
  • Khyree Davis (American researcher)
  • Kyree Walker (American basketball player)

Khyree in popular culture:

  • Khyree Irving (media, “Modern Stone Amino”)
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