Baby Girl Names beginning with A

Baby Girl Names A

The Top Girl Names and Unique Girl Names that start with A

Baby Girl Names Beginning with A

Aaliyah Arabic, Hebrew high exalted, to ascend
Aasia Hindu  
Aba African born on Thursday
Abbey Hebrew Father's joy. From Abigail, but also used as independent name.
Abbie Hebrew Father's joy. From Abigail, but also used as independent name.
Abby Hebrew Father's joy. From Abigail, but also used as independent names.
Abelia Hebrew Breath. The feminine form of Abel.
Abella Assyrian child
Abeo Nigerian Happy she was born.
Abey Native American leaf
Abha Hindu lustrous beauty
Abhilasha Hindu  
Abia Arabic Great.
Abigail Hebrew Father's joy.
Abijah Hebrew The Lord is my father.
Abilene   The name of a city in Texas.
Abina Ghanian Born on a Thursday.
Abiona Yoruban born on a journey
Abir Arabic/Hebrew Arabic: The fragrant one. Hebrew: Strong.
Abira Hebrew strong
Abra Hebrew The father of many. The feminine form of Abraham.
Abrianna   Mother of many nations.
Abrienda Spanish Opening.
Acacia Greek Thorny, as in the Acacia tree.
Acadia Canadian Cadie, Caddie
Acanit Ugandan hard times
Acantha Greek A legendary nymph.
Accalia Latin The foster mother of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.
Acedia Czech  
Achal Hindu steady, mountainous
Achazia Hebrew the Lord holds
Achen Ugandan a twin
Achilla Greek A handsome figure in Greek mythology. The feminine form of Achilles.
Achit Hindu  
Achlys Greek mist, darknesss
Ada Teutonic Prosperous and joyful, happy.
Adabelle   Joyous and beautiful. From Ada and Belle.
Adah Hebrew Adornment or ornament. A biblical name.
Adalgisa Old German noble hostage
Adalia Hebrew God is my refuge.
Adama Hebrew Of the red earth. The feminine form of Adam.
Adamina   The earth.
Adamma   Beautiful child.
Adana   A city in Turkey.
Adar Hebrew Fire.
Adara Greek/Arabic Greek: Beauty. Arabic: Virgin.
Addi   Noble and kind. Also see Adele.
Addie   Noble and kind. Also see Adele.
Addisyn Addie, Addy, Addi  
Addy   Noble and kind. Also see Adele.
Adela   Noble and serene.
Adelaide Old German Noble and kind. Also see Adele.
Adele French Noble. Also see Adelaide.
Adelicia Old English Noble and kind. Form of Adelaide and Alice.
Adelina Old German noble
Adelinda   Noble and kind. From Adelaide and Linda.
Adeline   Noble, kind.
Adelle   Noble, kind.
Adelpha Greek Sisterly.
Ademia Greek without husband
Aden Arabic Fiery one.
Adena Hebrew delicate, sensual
Adeola Nigerian A crown.
Aderes Hebrew one who protects
Aderyn Welsh A bird.
Adesina Yoruban the way is opened for more
Adhira Hindu lightning
Adiba Arabic Cultured.
Adie Hebrew ornament
Adiel Hebrew An ornament of God.
Adila Arabic Equal, like.
Adima Teutonic Noble, famous.
Adina Hebrew Slender and delicate. A biblical name.
Adishree Hindu exalted
Aditi Hindu free and unbounded
Adiva Arabic pleasant, gentle
Adolfina German noble wolf, noble hero
Adolpha Teutonic A noble she-wolf. The feminine version of Adolf.
Adona Adonna, Adonne, Ady  
Adoncia Spanish Sweet.
Adonia Greek A beautiful goddess. The feminine form of Adonis.
Adora Latin The adored one.
Adorabelle   A combination of Adora and Belle.
Adorna Latin Adorned with jewels.
Adriana Latin A dark woman from the sea. The feminine form of Adrian. Generally an Italian name.
Adriano Greek Dark, rich.
Adrienne   Dark, rich.
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