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Aveline is a Christian Germanic name. The name comes from the French word for hazelnut, and probably gained a lot of popularity when attached to the popular name Ava.

Meaning of the name Aveline

French: desired; or island, water; hazelnut
Germanic: longed for

Origin of the name Aveline

Aveline is said to come from the French word for “hazelnut.” The name comes from an obscure Germanic root, but the meaning of it has not been determined.

Symbolism of the name Aveline

Aveline suggests classic strength. It comes from a variety of origins. She is a leader and creative.

Style of the name Aveline


Gender of the name Aveline

Aveline is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Aveline


Number of syllables in the name Aveline


Emotion evoked from the name Aveline

Aveline evokes happy thoughts of music, enthusiasm, and charm

Alternative spellings for the name Aveline

  • Avelinne
  • Avelline
  • Avellinne

Nicknames for the name Aveline

Popularity of the name Aveline

The name Aveline did not show up on popularity charts until around 2007. It remained a unique name until around 2015 when the popularity shot up. After that, the popularity went back down.

Related names for the name Aveline

Great middle names for Aveline and their meanings

Famous people with the name Avelina

  • Aveline de Forz (Countess of Aumale, English heiress
  • Aveline de Clare (Countess of Essex, English heiress
  • Aveline Kushi (Japanese writer)
  • Jordan Aveline Blair (American musician)

Avelines in popular culture

  • Aveline Vallen (character in the video game “Dragon Age II”)
  • La Fee Aveline (French comic by Rene Goscinny and Coq)
  • Aveline Boswell (character in British television comedy series “Bread”)
  • AvelineGrandpre (American assassin and soldier; featured in Assassin’s Creed video game)
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