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Brien is not near as popular as its variations, including Brian and Bryan. This spelling may be the least used. If you want your son to stand out, however, be sure to use this option for a unique name and honor to your Irish heritage.

Meaning of the name Brien:

Irish: strong, virtuous, honorable, high, noble

Origin of the name Brien:

The baby name Brien is an alternative spelling to Brian. They likely come from the Celtic word “bre.” The name did not become popular in Ireland, or the rest of the world, until the eleventh century. At that time, King Brian Boru defeated the Viking invaders in Ireland.

Symbolism of the name Brien:

The baby name Brien means “strong,” “high,” “noble,” and other similar adjectives because of the Celtic word “bre.” The word means “hill,” which could symbolize a feeling of nobility and strength. The first individual from which Brien, and the original Brian, come from is King Brian Boru, known for his power and nobility.

Style of the name Brien:


Gender of the name Brien:

Brien is a traditional name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Brien:


Number of syllables in the name Brien:


Emotion evoked from the name Brien:

Brien feels strong and traditional. It is a serious name that maintains simplicity.

Alternative spellings for the name Brien:

Nicknames for the name Brien:

Popularity of the name Brien:

Brien was a top 1,000 name in America in the mid-twentieth century. In 1957, it ranked at number 910, and it left the list in 1975 at 995. To compare, the original spelling, Brian, is still a top 300 name, ranking at number 270 in 2020.

Related names for the name Brien:

Great middle names for Brien and their meanings:

  • Alexander (defender of men)
  • Parker (park keeper)
  • Leo (fierce warrior, brave warrior)
  • Zaide (increasing, surplus)
  • Jameson (son of James)
  • Nathaniel (given by God)
  • Zachary (God remembers)
  • Anthony (priceless one, highly praiseworthy)

Famous people with the name Brien:

  • Brien McMahon (Senator from Connecticut)
  • Brien de Bretagne (fighter for William the Conqueror from France)

Briens in popular culture:

No fictional characters have the baby name Brien.

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