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Neal is a less popular version of Neil. It comes from the ancient Celtic people and the name Niall. As of 2021, Neal is number 3,400 for boys at rank 3,379.

Meaning of the Name Neal

Neal is a spelling variation of the baby name Neil. Neil originated from the Irish option Niall. Niall has debated origins, with some saying it comes from the Celtic words “nitu” and “nia.” Others believe that Niall originated from the word “nel.” The Norse picked up on Niall, turning it into Njall. When they brought Njall to England, it became Neil and Neal.

Neal has the same meanings as Neil and Niall. Niall, as mentioned, could come from the Celtic word “nel,” which means “cloud.” It could also be a combination of “nitu” and “nia,” which together translate to “passionate hero.”

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Nicknames for Neal

Neal is a strong and wholesome baby name. It remains simple and approachable. If you're looking for a fun and playful name for the Neal in your life, we've compiled a list of options to help you get inspired. However, for a short name like Neal, feel free to come up with a nickname option that is unique to their personality.

  • Al
  • Nene
  • Nea
  • Eal
  • Nealy
  • Earl
  • Nena

Neal Name Details

Style: Traditional

Gender: Neal is traditionally considered to be a boys name.

Pronunciation: NEEL

Syllables: One

Alternative Spelling for Neal

  • Neil 
  • Neale
  • Neyl
  • Neyll
  • Neill
  • Neall

Neal Name Popularity

Neal was a top 1,000 baby name in America until 2002 when it was number 950. It ranked on the top 200 list one time at rank 198 in 1952. As of 2021, Neal was a top 3,400 option. More specifically, it is number 3,379 for boys.

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Great Middle Names for Neal and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Neal

  • Neal McDonough (actor, “Walking Tall”)
  • Neal Cassady (American beat persona)
  • Neal Adams (comic book artist)
  • Neal Walk (basketball player)
  • Neal Schon (guitarist of Journey)
  • Neal Hefti (jazz trumpeter)
  • Neal Morse (rock musician)
  • Neal Stephenson (novelist)
  • Neal Shusterman (fiction writer)
  • Neal Caffrey (character from “White Collar”)
  • Neal Burke (character from “White Collar”)
  • Neal Cassidy (character from “Once Upon a Time”)
  • Neal Scott (character from “This Golden Land”)
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