Baby Boy Names - H

Baby Boy Names H

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Baby Boy Names Beginning with H


Ha-Neul Korean sky
Habib Arabic The beloved one.
Hackett German little woodsman
Hadar unknown glorious
Hadden English child of the heather-filled valley
Haddon Old English From the heathery hill.
Hadi Arabic A guide or leader.
Hadley Old English From the heathery field.
Hadrian Latin The dark one or a man from the sea, as in the Adriatic. The name of six Popes.
Hadwin Old English A friend in battle.
Hafiz Arabic The guardian.
Hagan Teutonic strong defense
Hagen Irish Gaelic Little Hugh. Heart and mind.
Hagley Old English From the hay wood clearing.
Hahn German rooster
Haig Old English/Teutonic From the enclosure or paddock.
Haile hero  
Haines Old English From the fenced area.
Hakan Norse, Turkish noble, fiery
Hakim Arabic Wise and judicious.
Hakon Old Norse Of noble birth.
Hal   Estate ruler.
Halbert Old English A brilliant hero.
Halden Old English Half Danish.
Haldor Old Norse Rock of Thor (the Norse God of thunder).
Hale Old English The dweller in the nook.
Haley Irish Gaelic Ingenious. A boy or girl's name.
Halford Old English From the ford in the nook.
Halian Zuni Indian of Julius
Halifax Old English From the Holy field. A city in northern England and a seaport in Canada.
Halil Turkish  
Hall Old English From the manor house or hall.
Hallam Old Norse The dweller at the rocks.
Halse Old English From the neck of land.
Halsey Old English from Hal's island
Halstead Old English The stronghold.
Halsten Old Norse A rock.
Halton Old English  
Halvard Old Norse The defender of the rock.
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