Baby Boy Names - W

Baby Boy Names W

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Baby Boys Names Beginning with W


Wade Old English A wanderer, or from the river crossing.
Wagner Dutch A wagon driver or wagon-maker.
Wahib Arabic The generous one.
Wahnond Teutonic The mighty protector.
Wain Old English A cart or wagon-maker.
Waine Old English A cart or wagon-maker.
Wainwright Old English A cart or wagon-maker.
Waite Old English A watchman or guard.
Wakefield Old English wet field
Wakeman Old English A watchman.
Walby Old Norse/Old English The farm by the ancient wall.
Walchelim Anglo-Norman  
Waldemar Dutch/German/Scandinavian A powerful ruler.
Walden Old English From the valley in the forest.
Waldo Teutonic The ruler.
Walenty Polish Strong, healthy.
Waleran Anglo-Norman  
Walford Old English From the ford over the stream.
Walid Arabic The newborn boy.
Walker Old English A fuller. One who thickens cloth.
Wallace Old French A foreigner, particularly a Welshman.
Walmer Old English The pool of the Welsh.
Walpole Old English From the pool by the ancient wall.
Walsh Old French A foreigner, particularly a Welshman.
Walter Teutonic An army general.
Walton Old English From the farm or town of the foreigners.
Walwyn Old English A powerful friend.
Waman Hindu  
Wang Chinese Kingly.
Warburton Old English From the fortress town.
Ward Old English A guard or watchman.
Wardell Old English From the valley of the River Wear.
Warfield Old English The field by the stream.
Warley Old English From the cattle pasture.
Warmund Old English A loyal protector.
Warner Teutonic The protecting army or warrior.
Warra Aboriginal Water.
Warrain Aboriginal Belonging to the sea.
Warren Old French/Old English To preserve. The gamepark keeper.
Warrigal Aboriginal Wild, or a dingo.
Warrun Aboriginal The sky.
Warton Old English A lookout point.
Warwick Old English From the dairy farm at the weir. An English placename.
Waseem Arabic  
Washington Old English Town of the smart.
Wasim Arabic The handsome one.
Wassily Sanskrit The God of the night sky.
Watkin Old English The son of Walter. Or an army general.
Watson Old English son of Walter
Waverley Old English To wave. From the village of the Aspen trees.
Waverly Old English from the tree-lined meadow
Wayde angel from God Waydee
Wayland Old English From the land by the crossroads or roadway.
Wayne Old English A cart or wagon-maker. Actor John Wayne helped to make this popular as a first name.
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