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Jayleen is a popular modern baby name for girls. Bold in composition, this name has an energetic sound that has made it a favorite choice in popular culture. Jayleen Mordove is the name of a character in the Pathfinder series, and Jayleen Richards is a character in the Pasadena series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Jayleen:

Jayleen is a modern invented name that combines the word jay with the suffix –leen. The name Jay has several possible origins. Foremost, it derives from the Old English word for “blue-crested bird”. In fact, some families believe that Jayleen is the combination of the Old English name Jay with the Spanish or Portuguese root lind (meaning “pretty” or “beautiful”). Per this interpretation, the name Jayleen means “beautiful jay bird”. Jay is also an alternative spelling of the Hindi word जय (meaning “victory”). Finally, Jayleen may derive from the Old Greek word galínios stylized as jalín (meaning “tranquility”).

Symbolism of the Name Jayleen:

Jayleen is a modern name with several possible origins. For many families, the most common theory of origin is that it combines the English word jay (meaning “bird”) with the Spanish or Portuguese root lind (meaning “beautiful”). The symbol of the jaybird is the blue crest.

Nicknames for the Name Jayleen:

Interested in Jayleen? Check out our list of the best nicknames for Jayleen:

  • Jay
  • Jaye 
  • Jaze
  • Leen
  • Ayleen
  • Leena
  • Jade 
  • Linda
  • Jayer
  • Jays
  • Ayle
  • Bird

Style of the Name Jayleen:


Gender of the Name Jayleen:

Jayleen is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the Name Jayleen:


Number of Syllables in the Name Jayleen:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Jayleen:

The name Jayleen evokes feelings of curiosity and courage.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Jayleen:

Popularity of the Name Jayleen:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Jayleen was the 607th most popular baby name for girls in 2022.

  • Joyleen
  • Justeen
  • Joleen
  • Joeleen
  • Jileen
  • Jerrileen
  • Jakleen
  • Jasleen 

Great Middle Names for Jayleen and Their Meanings:

  • Ayesha (life, alive)
  • Annette (grace, favor)
  • Cherilyn (darling lake)
  • Deva (goddess, deity)
  • Hazel (greenish brown, hazelnut tree)
  • Lesley (garden of holly)
  • Majesty (greatness, royal bearing, dignity)
  • Nery (light, candle, lord, lady)
  • Riley (rye meadow, courageous, valiant)
  • Ruby (red gemstone)
  • Veda (knowledge, wisdom, understanding)
  • Vergie (maiden, unmarried girl)
  • Yoselin (member of the Gauts tribe, chieftain, lord)
  • Whitley (white meadow)

Famous People with the Name Jayleen:

  • Jayleen Mordove (character in the Pathfinder series)
  • Jayleen Richards (character in the Pasadena series)
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