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Josef is an alternative spelling for the more common name Joseph. It's more common in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic and Scandanavian countries, though it had seen some popularity on and off in the United States over the years. The name has a biblical background, so it may be important to those of the Christian and Jewish faiths. We like the way it sounds with both traditional and modern middle names.

Meaning of the name Josef:

Hebrew: God increases

Origin of the name Josef:

Josef is an alternative spelling of Joseph, which is actually the Anglicized version of the Hebrew Yosef. The meaning “God increases” translates to mean “God will give you another son.”

Symbolism of the name Josef:

Because of its meaning, new parents who prayed for a baby boy may see the name Josef as a symbol of their answered prayers for a new addition. It could also be symbolic of the men in the Bible named Joseph.

Style of the name Josef:


Gender of the name Josef:

Josef is a boy's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Josef:


Number of syllables in the name Josef:


Emotion evoked from the name Josef:

The baby name Josef evokes images of someone who is kind-hearted, helpful, and patient.

Alternative spellings for the name Josef:

Nicknames for the name Josef:

Popularity of the name Josef:

According to the Social Security Administration, Josef has been a top 1,000 baby name for boys on and off between 1901 and 2006. It was most popular in 1984 when it ranked at number 663. It last ranked at number 974 in 2006.

Related names for the name Josef:

Great middle names for Josef and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Josef:

  • Josef Abrhám (actor)
  • Josef Albers (artist)
  • Josef Duchoslav (hockey player)
  • Josef Jungmann (poet)
  • Josef Mysliveček (composer)
  • Josef Wüst (journalist and publisher)

Josefs in popular culture:


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