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Krystal is the less popular version of Crystal. It has a more fun-spirited feel, however. If you think that your daughter shines as bright as gemstones, this is the perfect baby name choice for her.

Meaning of the name Krystal:

English: earth mineral, brilliant glass, clear and colorless glass

Origin of the name Krystal:

Krystal is a spelling variation of Crystal. Crystal became a name in the late 1800s. It comes from the word “crystal” spelled the same. Ultimately, the term “crystal” comes from the ancient Greek “krystallos.”

Symbolism of the name Krystal:

Krystal has the same meanings as Crystal. As mentioned, the latter name comes from the word “crystal” which denotes a gemstone or glass. The Greek “krystallows” that Crystal and Krystal come from translates to “ice.” A crystal is so clear that it may resemble ice.

Baby name Krystal

Style of the name Krystal:


Gender of the name Krystal:

Krystal is a feminine baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Krystal:


Number of syllables in the name Krystal:


Emotion evoked from the name Krystal:

Krystal is an upbeat and fun-spirited name. It is youthful and outgoing.

Alternative spellings for the name Krystal:

Nicknames for the name Krystal:

  • Krys
  • Kryss
  • Krysti
  • Sky
  • Kryssy
  • Kriysie
  • Kryssi

Popularity of the name Krystal:

Krystal became a top 1,000 name in America in 1960 at rank 975. It lasted until 2013 when it was number 858. Krystal was a top 100 option from 1982 to 1988, coming in highest in 1985 at rank 53.

Related names for the name Krystal:

Great middle names for Krystal and their meanings:

  • Michelle (Who is like God?)
  • Whitney (from the white island)
  • Garnet (garnet, a red semi-precious gemstone)
  • Jolene (pretty)
  • Taylor (tailor)
  • Dawn (the first appearance of light, daybreak)
  • Sophia (wisdom)
  • Laney (beautiful, bright, light, shining)

Famous people with the name Krystal:

Krystals in popular culture:

  • Krystal Weedon (character from “The Casual Vacancy”)
  • Krystal Carey (character from “All My Children”)
  • Krystal McCloud (character from “StarFox” video game)
  • Krystal (character from “Neighbours”)
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