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Krystal is the less popular version of Crystal. It has a more fun-spirited feel, however. If you think that your daughter shines as bright as gemstones, this is the perfect baby name choice for her.

Meaning and Origin of the name Krystal:

Krystal is an English name of Greek origin meaning “ice.”

Krystal is a spelling variation of Crystal. Crystal became a name in the late 1800s. It comes from the word “crystal” spelled the same. Ultimately, the term “crystal” comes from the ancient Greek krystallos (meaning “ice”).

Symbolism of the name Krystal:

Krystal has the same meanings as Crystal. As mentioned, the latter name comes from the word “crystal” which denotes a gemstone or glass. The Greek krystallows that Crystal and Krystal come from translates to “ice.” A crystal is so clear that it may resemble ice.

Nicknames for the name Krystal:

Krystal is a beautiful name that has cute nicknames. Below is a list of nicknames you can use for your baby girl. This list includes some common nicknames as well as some unique nicknames.

  • Krys
  • Kry
  • Kris 
  • Kryss
  • Krysti
  • Sky
  • Kryssy
  • Krissy
  • Krysie
  • Kryssi
Baby name Krystal

Style of the name Krystal:


Gender of the name Krystal:

Krystal is a feminine baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Krystal:


Number of syllables in the name Krystal:


Emotion evoked from the name Krystal:

Krystal is an upbeat and fun-spirited name. It is youthful and outgoing.

Alternative spellings for the name Krystal:

Popularity of the name Krystal:

Krystal became a top 1,000 name in America in 1960 at rank 975. It lasted until 2013 when it was number 858. Krystal was a top 100 option from 1982 to 1988, coming in highest in 1985 at rank 53.

Great middle names for Krystal and their meanings:

  • Michelle (Who is like God?)
  • Whitney (from the white island)
  • Garnet (garnet, a red semi-precious gemstone)
  • Jolene (pretty)
  • Taylor (tailor)
  • Dawn (the first appearance of light, daybreak)
  • Sophia (wisdom)
  • Laney (beautiful, bright, light, shining)

Famous people with the name Krystal:

  • Krystal Weedon (character from “The Casual Vacancy”)
  • Krystal Carey (character from “All My Children”)
  • Krystal McCloud (character from “StarFox” video game)
  • Krystal (character from “Neighbours”)
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