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X Recipes That Kids Will Love

X Recipes That Kids Will Love

X is a tough letter to work with. There aren't a lot of English words that begin with X. So, are there any recipes or culinary ideas that start with X? Further, are any of them good for kids? We'll answer both of those questions in this article. Let's get into it.

Kids Recipes X

Xylophone Cupcakes


8 different colors of frosting
8 mini cupcakes
Red shoestring licorice
4 mini M&M's
2 pretzel rods
2 mini marshmallows


1. Frost the cupcakes. Line them up, lay the licorice across the top, and place the M&M's at each end.

2. Create the mallets by placing mini marshmallows on the ends of the pretzels.

Other Ideas Your Kids Will Love Beginning with X

On the hunt for more ideas for your kids? We've got you covered! Let's take a look at some other ideas, all starting with the letter X.

  • Xacuti. Xacuti is a type of Indian curry that's made with coconut, chilies, and white poppy seeds. Chicken or beef is included as the meat, but you can make a vegetarian version if you want. Curry is one of the most popular Indian dishes, and is certainly something your whole family will love. Serve over white rice.
  • Xavier soup. Xavier soup is an Italian dumpling soup. It's creamy, and traditionally made with chicken stock. If you're bored with chicken noodle and tomato, then give this soup a shot. Everyone in your family will love it, especially on a cold day.
  • Xavier steak. This isn't a specific cut of steak. Rather, Xavier steak refers to steak made with asparagus and swiss cheese. Since kids often hate asparagus, you can leave it out and just use the swiss cheese. Kids love cheese, so this is sure to be a hit.
  • Xiaolongbao. This is a Chinese recipe. It consists of dumplings filled with meat and broth. Ordering Chinese-American food is great, but making your own authentic Chinese food is great, too. It can be a great opportunity for you to explain the difference between Chinese-American and ethnic Chinese food.
  • Xnipec. This is a salsa that uses habanero chilies and oranges. It creates a great balance of flavor. The next time you have nachos with your kids, try making this salsa for them to try. If you want to reduce the spice, use a different type of pepper.
  • Xocolatl. This is Mexican hot chocolate. It's spicier than the kind you're used to, which makes it an interesting drink to try! This is a great thing to prepare for your kids during holiday decorating, or on a particularly cold day! The unique taste is sure to pique their interest.
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