Baby Girl Names beginning with O

Baby Girl Names O

The Top Girl Names and Unique Girl Names that start with O

Baby Girl Names Beginning with O


Oanez Breton  
Oba Nigerian An ancient river goddess.
Obelia Greek A pillar or needle.
Octavia Latin The eighth.
Oda Teutonic Rich.
Odea walker by the road Odee
Odelia Hebrew I will praise God.
Odera Hebrew plough
Odessa Greek Along journey.
Odetta   Melody.
Odette French A home-lover.
Odile French Riches, prosperity. From a medieval German name, and a feminine version of Otto.
Ofelia Spanish To help, a helper.
Ofilia   To help, a helper.
Ofra Hebrew A fawn, or a lively maiden.
Ofrah Hebrew A fawn, or a lively maiden.
Ohanna Armenian God?s gracious gift
Okalani Hawaiian From Heaven.
Okelani Hawaiian from heaven
Oksana Russian glory be to God
Ola Scandinavian A descendant. The feminine form of Olaf.
Olalla Spanish The well-spoken one.
Olathe Native American Beautiful.
Olayinka Yoruban honors surround me
Olba Aboriginal Red ochre.
Olcay Turkish  
Oleander Greek An evergreen tree.
Olena Ukrainian The light of the sun. Also see Eileen, Elaine, Eleanor and Ellen.
Olesia Polish helper and defender of mankind
Olethea Latin Truth.
Olga Russian The holy one. The name of a 10th-century saint and the feminine form of Oleg.
Oliana Hawaiian oleander
Olien Russian The dear one.
Olinda Latin Fragrant.
Olive   An Olive tree or branch. A symbol of peace. Feminine version of Oliver.
Olivia Latin An Olive tree or branch. A symbol of peace. Feminine version of Oliver.
Olono Aboriginal A hill.
Olva   The holy one.
Olwen Welsh White or fair footprints. The name of a character in Welsh legend.
Olya   The holy one.
Olympia Latin The heavenly one. From the home of the Gods.
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