Top 100 Baby Names

Top 100 Baby Names

The Top 100 Baby Names for Boys and Girls in the United States for the last 127 years.

Find vintage baby names and get ideas for baby names for your baby boy or baby girl that may no longer be in the mainstream but are beautifully perfect for your baby.

You've seen the latest fads, but you want a name that has history and meaning. This is the list for you, the top 100 baby names in each decade from 1880 to the present.

Top 5 Boy Names over 100 Years
1. James

2. John

3. Robert

4. Michael

5. William

The Top 5 Baby Boy Names 1913-2015

Top 5 Girl Names over 100 Years
1. Mary

2. Patricia

3. Elizabeth

4. Jennifer

5. Linda

The Top 5 Baby Girl Names 1913-2015


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