Baby Boy Names that Start with the Letter I

Baby Boy Names I

From Iagan to Izaak and everything in between, hundreds of baby boy names starting with the letter I along with the meanings and origin of each name. 

Baby Naming Tip - If you want your child to have a unique name, it's easy to create one. Just add a syllable to the end of a name you like (like Vin Diesel did when naming his daughter Pauline after Paul Walker). Add ina, anna, anne, ine or another one syllable ending to create different baby boy names.

Including Top Baby Boy Names and Unique Baby Boy Names Beginning with I

Iachima   From Shakespeare's play Merry Wives of Windsor.
Iagan Scottish The little fiery one.
Iago Spanish Spanish form of James. The supplanter. Also from Shakespeare's play Othello.
Iain Gaelic God's gracious gift
Ian Hebrew God is gracious. The Scottish form of John.
Ibeamaka African the agnates are splendid
Ibrahim Hebrew The father of many.
Icarus Greek A legendary figure.
Ichabod Hebrew The glory has departed.
Iden Old English Prosperous.
Idris Arabic/Welsh Arabic: A good man. Welsh: A fiery, impulsive lord.
Idwal Welsh The lord of the wall or rampart.
Iestin Welsh Welsh form of Justin. Just or true.
Iestyn Welsh Welsh form of Justin. Just or true.
Ieuan Welsh Welsh form of John. God is gracious. Also see Evan and Owen.
Ifor Welsh A traditional name of uncertain meaning.
Ignacio Latin one who is lively
Ignatius Latin Ardent, fiery.
Igor Scandinavian Hero. Also a Russian variation of the name George.
Ihorangi Polynesian Rain.
Ike Hebrew Laughter, the laughing one.
Ikey Hebrew Laughter, the laughing one.
Ilar Welsh Cheerful.
Ilario Italian Cheerful.
Ilhan Turkish  
Ilias Latin Jehovah is my God
Ilie Romanian Romanian form of Elias. The Lord is God.
Ilya Russian Russian form of Elijah. The Lord is God.
Imam Arabic One who believes in God. A boy or girl's name.
Immanuel German God is with us.
Imre Hungarian An industrious ruler.
Ince Latin innocent
Indra Sanskrit The God of the atmosphere and sky.
Ingemar Old Norse A famous son.
Inger Old Norse A son's army or a Hero's daughter. A boy or girl's name.
Inglebert Teutonic A bright Angel.
Ingmar Scandinavian famous son
Ingram Teutonic The raven.
Inigo Latin Ardent, fiery.
Innes Celtic/Gaelic An island in the river, or from the island. Also see Ennis.
Innocent Latin Harmless, innocent. The name of several saints and popes.

Io through Iz

Ioannes Greek Greek form of John.
Iolo Welsh A handsome lord.
Iolyn Welsh A handsome lord.
Ion Romanian Romanian form of John. God is gracious.
Iorweth Welsh A handsome lord.
Ira Hebrew Watchful, vigilant. A biblical name.
Iravan Hindu son of Arjuna/Uloopi
Irawaru Polynesian A figure from legend.
Irvin Anglo-Saxon lover of the sea
Irving Scottish Handsome and fair.
Irwin Old English From the words `boar' and 'friend'.
Isa Sanskrit/Teutonic Sanskrit: A lord. Teutonic: Strong-willed. A boy or girl's name.
Isaac Hebrew Laughter, the laughing one. The son of Abraham in the Bible.
Isaiah Hebrew God is salvation, or God is my helper. One of the prophets in the Bible. Lived in the 8th century BC.
Isha Hindu one who protects
Ishmael Hebrew The Lord will hear. The first son of Abraham in the Bible.
Ishver Hindu  
Isidore Greek The gift of Isis (an Egyptian goddess).
Isidro Spanish Chidro
Israel Hebrew The Lord's soldier.
Istvan Hungarian Hungarian form of Stephen. A crown or garland.
Itzaak Hebrew Laughter, the laughing one.
Itzak Hebrew laughter
Itzik Hebrew Laughter, the laughing one.
Ivan   Eastern European form of John.
Ivar Old Norse A battle archer.
Ives Old English The little archer.
Ivo German The little archer.
Ivor Old Norse A battle archer.
Izaak Dutch Laughter, the laughing one.


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