Baby Boy Names - R

Baby Boy Names R

Including Top Baby Boy Names and Unique Baby Boy Names

Baby Boy Names Beginning with R


Rab Scottish Scottish nickname for Robert. Famous, bright fame.
Rabbie Scottish Scottish nickname for Robert. Famous, bright fame.
Rad Old English A counsellor. Also a diminutive of names beginning with `rad'.
Radborne Old English From the red brook or stream.
Radcliff Old English red cliff
Radcliffe Old English From the red cliff.
Radek Czech Glad.
Radford Old English From the red ford.
Radley Old English From the red meadow.
Radman Slavic joy
Radnor Old English From the red shore.
Radomor Hungarian happy, peace
Raeburn Teutonic dweller by the stream where does drink
Rafael German/Portuguese/Spanish God heals, or healed by God.
Rafe   An alternative form and pronunciation of Ralph. Also see Raphael.
Raffaele Italian God heals, or healed by God.
Rafferty Irish Gaelic Prosperous.
Rafi Arabic The exalted one.
Rafiq Arabic A companion, a friend.
Rafu Japanese A net.
Raghnall Irish A wise and powerful ruler. Also see Reginald, Reynold and Ronson.
Ragin Hindu  
Ragnar Scandinavian A wise warrior.
Rahman Arabic Merciful.
Rahul Hindu  
Raibeart Scottish Scottish Gaelic form of Robert. Famous, bright fame.
Raidon Japanese thunder God
Raimy Raimee  
Rainer German A wise warrior.
Rainier French A wise warrior.
Raivata Hindu a Manu
Raj Sanskrit A king.
Rajan Hindu  
Rajanikant Hindu  
Rajendra Sanskrit A mighty king.
Rajesh Hindu  
Rajiv Sanskrit Striped.
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