Baby Girl Names beginning with V

Baby Girl Names V

The Top Girl Names and Unique Girl Names that start with V

Baby Girl Names Beginning with V


VaIda Teutonic A ruler, a battle heroine.
Vaisakhi Hindu  
Vaishali Hindu  
Val   Strength, valour.
Vala Teutonic The chosen one.
Valarie   Strength, valour.
Valborg Swedish a powerful mountain
Valda Old Norse spirited warrior
Valeda   Strong and healthy. Used in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Valencia   Bravery.
Valentina Latin Strong and healthy. Used in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Valentine Latin Strong, healthy. The name of a 3rd-century saint. A boy or girl's name.
Valeria   Strength, valour.
Valerie French Strong.
Valeska Polish glorious ruler
Valgerdr Scandinavian  
Valimai Welsh A mayflower.
Valisa wild one Vall, Vallie
Vallerie   To be strong.
Valletta   The capital of Malta.
Valma   The chosen one.
Valonia Latin From the valley.
Valora Latin Brave.
Vanda Aboriginal/Teutonic Aboriginal: A sandhill. Teutonic: A Slavonic woman, or a wanderer.
Vandana Hindu  
Vandita Hindu  
Vanessa   A name invented by the 18th-century poet and writer Jonathan Swift.
Vania Russian God?s gift
Vanja Scandinavian The feminine form of Vanya, also a Russian Diminutive of Ivan. Eastern European form of John.
Vanjan Hindu  
Vanka Russian Grace, or favoured by God. Form of Anne.
Vanni Italian Grace, or favoured by God. Form of Anne.
Vanora Celtic A white wave. A form of Guinevere.
Varanese Italian  
Varda Hebrew A rose.
Varsha Hindu rain
Varuni Hindu a goddess
Varvara Russian The foreigner or stranger. Russian form of Barbara.
Vasanta Hindu spring
Vasanti Sanskrit Spring.
Vasavi Hindu mentaldaughter of the Pitrs
Vashti Persian The beautiful one.
Vasiliki Greek basil
Vasudhara Hindu  
Vasuki Hindu  
Vasumati Hindu apsara of unequalled splendour

Girl Names Starting with Ve

Veda Sanskrit Wisdom and knowledge.
Vedette Italian/Old French A sentinel.
Veena Hindu  
Vega Arabic A falling star.
Velda   The chosen one.
Veleda Teutonic Inspired wisdom.
Velika Slavonic The great one.
Velma   A modern English name which is particularly popular in the USA.
Velvet English Soft as velvet.
Vendela Scandinavian  
Venetia Latin A lady of Venice.
Ventura Spanish Good luck, happiness.
Venus Latin Beautiful. After the Roman goddess of beauty and love.
Vera Latin/Russian Latin: True. Russian: Faith.
Verbena Latin A sacred bough or plant.
Verda Latin Fresh.
Verena Swiss The name of a 3rd-century saint.
Verity Latin/Old French Truth.
Verla   Latin: True. Russian: Faith.
Verna Latin Springlike, fresh. The feminine form of Vernon. Also see Laverne.
Verona Latin After the Italian city. Also a variation of Veronica.
Veronica Latin A true likeness or image.
Verran Cornish The short one.
Verrin Old French  
Verushka Czech Latin: True. Russian: Faith. A common name in Russia, which became used in the English-speaking world in the early 20th century.
Vesna Slavonic Spring.
Vesper Latin evening
Vespera Latin An evening star.
Vesta Latin A guardian of the sacred fire. After the Roman goddess of the hearth.
Vevay Welsh white wave
Vevette   A woman of the people.
Vevila Irish Gaelic The melodious one.
Vevina   Sweet lady.

Vi through Vy

Vibhuti Hindu  
Vicki   Victory, the victorious one.
Vicky   Victory, the victorious one.
Victoria Latin Victory, the victorious one.
Vida Hebrew The beloved one. Short form of Davida, the feminine version of David.
Vidonia Portuguese A vine branch.
Vidya Sanskrit Knowledge. A boy or girl's name.
Vienna Latin from wine country
Viera Czech Latin True. Russian faith. A common name in Russia, which became used in the English-speaking world in the early 20th century.
Vigilia Latin Alert, vigilant.
Vikki   Victory, the victorious one.
Vikriti Hindu  
Vilhelmina   The resolute protector. A feminine form of William.
Vilma   A modern English name which is particularly popular in the USA.
Vimala Sanskrit Pure.
Vina Spanish From the vineyard.
Vinata Hindu humble, mother of Garuda
Vinaya Hindu good behaviour
Vincentia Latin The conqueror. The feminine form of Vincent.
Vinita Hindu Vineeta
Vinvella French  
Viola   A name made famous by the Shakespearian play Twelfth Night. Also see Violet.
Violenta   From Shakespeare's play All's Well that Ends Well.
Violet Latin From the name of the flower. Also see Iolanthe and Yolanda.
Virgilia Latin A staff bearer.
Virginia Latin Maidenly, pure.
Virida Latin Green.
Viridis Latin youthful and blooming
Virini Hindu  
Visala Hindu celestial Apsara
Vita Latin Life.
Vitoria Spanish Victory, the victorious one.
Vittoria Italian Victory, the victorious one.
Viveka Scandinavian Lively.
Vivian Latin Gracious in life or lively. A boy or girl's name.
Viviana Italian Lovely.
Vivien Latin Full of life, vital. Also see Vyvyan.
Vivienne   Life.
Volante Latin The flying one.
Voleta Greek veiled one
Voletta Greek/Old French Veiled.
Volumnia   From Shakespeare's play Coriolanus.
Vonni   From the name Veronica and Yvonne. Veronica - A true likeness or image. Yvonne - French: An archer. Greek: The wood of the Yew tree.
Vonnie   From the name Veronica and Yvonne. Veronica - A true likeness or image. Yvonne - French: An archer. Greek: The wood of the Yew tree.
Vonny   From the name Veronica and Yvonne. Veronica - A true likeness or image. Yvonne - French: An archer. Greek: The wood of the Yew tree.
Vrinda Hindu virtue and strength
Vyvyan Cornish From an old surname. A boy or girl's name.

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