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Oakes Middle English The dweller by the Oak trees.
Oakley Middle English One who lives at the Oak tree meadow.
Obadiah Hebrew The servant of God.
Obelix Greek pillar of strength
Oberon   A character in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Obert Teutonic Wealthy and bright.
Obiajulu African the heart is consoled
Ochen Ugandan one of the twins
Octavius Latin The eighth born.
Oddvar Norse the spear?s point
Odell Old Norse Wealthy.
Odern Aboriginal By the sea.
Odil French rich
Odin Old Norse The Scandinavian God of war.
Odion Nigerian first of twins
Odolf Teutonic A noble wolf.
Odon Hungarian wealthy protector
Odysseus Greek full of wrath
Ogden Old English From the valley of Oak trees.
Ogilvie Celtic From the high hill.
Ogilvy Old Scottish from the high peak
Oglesby Old English Awe-inspiring.
Oguz Hungarian arrow
Okan Turkish  
Okely Middle English One who lives at the Oak tree meadow.
Okko Finnish From the name Oscar.
Olaf Old Norse/Scandinavian Ancestor.
Olcay Turkish  
Oldrich Czech one with riches and power
Oleg Russian The name of an early prince of Kiev.
Oleos Spanish holy oil used in church
Olier Breton  
Olin Old English holly
Oliver Latin An Olive tree or branch. A symbol of peace.
Olivier   From Shakespeare's play As You Like It.
Ollie   An Olive tree or branch. A symbol of peace.
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