Baby Boy Names - N

Baby Boy Names N

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Baby Boy Names Beginning with N


Naaman Hebrew Pleasant.
Nabendu Hindu  
Nabil Arabic Noble.
Nabulung African do not receive
Nachiketa Hindu Nachik
Nachmanke Hebrew compassionate one, one who comforts
Nadav Hebrew nobel, a generous one
Nadir Arabic Precious, rare.
Naeem North African benevolent
Nahum Hebrew The comforter.
Naimish Hindu  
Nairn Scottish Gaelic The dweller by the Alder tree. A placename.
Nakul Hindu  
Nalong Aboriginal The source of the river.
Nalren Dene Indian th is thawed out
Nambur Aboriginal A tea-tree.
Namdev Hindu poet, saint
Namid Native American A dancer.
Namir Hebrew Like a leopard.
Nanda Sanskrit Joy.
Nandin Hindu the delightful, follower of Shiva
Nandor Hungarian  
Nantan Apache Indian spokesman
Napoleon Greek Fierce one from Naples.
Narayan Sanskrit The son of man.
Narayana Hindu Vishnu
Narciso Latin a lily, daffodil
Narcissus Greek The flower. Also the name of the youth in Greek mythology who fell in love with his own reflection.
Nardu Aboriginal A plant with edible seeds.
Narendra Sanskrit The mighty man.
Naresh Hindu  
Narrah Aboriginal The sea.
Narsi Hindu poet, saint
Nartana Hindu makes others dance
Nash Old English cliff
Nasir Arabic The helper, the supporter.
Nassir Arabic protector
Nat   The gift of God. A biblical prophet.
Natal Spanish Christmas.
Natale Old French Christmas.
Natan Aboriginal A Figtree.
Nathan Hebrew The gift of God. A biblical prophet.
Nathaniel   Gift of God.
Naum Russian The comforter.
Naveen Hindu Navin
Nawang Tibetan/Sherpa The possessive one.
Nayan Hindu  
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