Baby Girl Names beginning with H

Baby Girl Names H

The Top Girl Names and Unique Girl Names that start with H

Baby Girl Names Beginning with H


Ha-Neul Korean sky
Habiba Arabic The beloved, the dew one.
Habika African sweetheart
Hadara Hebrew bedecked in beauty
Hadassa Hebrew flowering myrtle
Hadassah Jewish A star. Also see Estelle, Hesper and Stella.
Hadil Arabic Cooing like a dove.
Hadiya Arabic/Swahili A gift.
Hadria   A dark woman from the sea. The feminine form of Adrian. Generally an Italian name.
Hadya Arabic A leader or guide.
Hafwen Welsh As beautiful as summer.
Hagar Hebrew Forsaken, or taking flight.
Haidee Greek Modest.
Haifa Arabic slender
Haimi Hawaiian the seeker
Hala Arabic A halo around the moon.
Halcyone Greek The kingfisher.
Haldana Old Norse Half Danish.
Haldis Teutonic, Norse stone spirit; reliable, assistant
Haleigha Hawaiian house of the rising sun
Haley Irish Gaelic Ingenious. A boy or girl's name.
Halfrida Teutonic A peaceful heroine.
Hali Greek, Hebrew sea; necklace, place name
Halia Greek The sun.
Haliey   A high clearing or meadow.
Halima African gentle
Hallie Greek thinking of the sea
Halona Native American Fortunate.
Hana Arabic Bliss, happiness.
Hanan Hebrew Arabic: The affectionate one. Hebrew: The gracious gift of God. A boy or girl's name.
Hanna   Goddess of life.
Hannah Hebrew Favoured by God, or graceful. Also see Anne.
Hanne   God is gracious. .
Hansine German from Hebrew God is gracious. A feminine form of Ham.
Hanya Aboriginal A stone.
Happy English Bright and cheerful.
Haralda Old English The ruler of the army. Feminine form of Harold.
Harika Turkish wonderful
Harley Old English From the hare or stag meadow. A boy or girl's name.
Harmony Greek Concordant, in harmony.
Harper Old English A harp player or maker. A boy or girl's name.
Harriet Teutonic The ruler of the home. A feminine form of Harry/Henry. Also see Henrietta.
Harsha Hindu  
Harshita Hindu  
Haruko Japanese Spring.
Harva   Army warrior. Feminine form of Harvey.
Hasina Swahili Good.
Hasna Arabic beautiful
Hathor Egyptian The goddess of love and joy.
Hattie   The ruler of the home. A feminine form of Harry/ Henry. Also see Henrietta.
Hava Jewish Life-giving. Also see Evelyn.
Havana Spanish The capital of Cuba.
Haya Hebrew Life.
Hayfa Arabic Slender, delicate.
Haylee Old English from the hay meadow
Hayley Old English A high clearing or meadow.
Hazel Old English From the Hazel tree.
Hazelle   From the Hazel tree.
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