Baby Boy Names - K

Baby Boy Names K

Including Top Baby Boy Names and Unique Baby Boy Names

Baby Boy Names Beginning with K


Kabir Hindu  
Kabos Hebrew swindler
Kada Hungarian  
Kadin Arabic friend, companion
Kadir Arabic Powerful.
Kadosa Hungarian  
Kahn Hindu  
Kahoku Hawaiian star
Kai Hawaiian, Navajo Indian sea, willow tree
Kaikara Ugandan traditional name of God
Kailash Hindu  
Kain Irish Gaelic Warlike.
Kalani Hawaiian Of the Heavens.
Kalb Arabic dog
Kalden Tibetan/Sherpa Of the golden age.
Kale Hawaiian strong and manly
Kaleb Hebrew The devoted one.
Kaleo pure  
Kalid Arabic Eternal.
Kalidas Hindu the poet, musician
Kalil Arabic good/best friend
Kalkin Hindu tenth incarnation of God Vishnu
Kalman Hungarian strong and manly
Kalpanath Hindu  
Kalti Aboriginal A spear.
Kama Sanskrit/Thai Sanskrit: The golden one. Thai: Love. A boy or girl's name.
Kamadev Hindu god of love
Kamal Arabic Perfect.
Kami Aboriginal A prickly lizard.
Kamil Arabic/Czech Arabic: Perfecr. Czech: From a Roman family name. A boy or girl's name.
Kamlesh Hindu  
Kanak Hindu gold
Kanan Hindu  
Kanaye Japanese zealous one
Kane Irish Gaelic Warlike. A boy or girl's name.
Kaniel Arabic/Hebrew Arabic: Spear-like. Hebrew: A reed.
Kano Japanese The God of the waters.
Kapil Hindu name of a rishi
Kaplony Hungarian tiger
Kapolcs Hungarian  
Karan Sanskrit A warrior.
Kardal Arabic mustard seed
Kardos Hungarian swordsman
Karel Czech/Dutch A free person. A boy or girl's name.
Kari Aboriginal Smoke.
Karim Arabic Noble and generous.
Karl German/Scandinavian A free man.
Karma Tibetan/Sherpa A star. A boy or girl's name.
Karol Polish A free person. A boy or girl's name.
Karsa Hungarian falcon
Karsten German A follower of Christ. A Christian.
Kartal Hungarian eagle
Kartik Hindu  
Kartikeya Hindu Subramanyam, Skanda, son of Shiva and Parvati
Kasch German like a blackbird
Kasen Latin protected with a helmet
Kasey Irish Gaelic The vigilant one.
Kasim Arabic One who shares or distributes.
Kasimir German The great destroyer.
Kaspar German The treasurer. The name of one of the three wise men in the new testament. Also see Gaspar and Jasper.
Kasper Polish The treasurer. The name of one of the three wise men in the new testament. Also see Gaspar and Jasper.
Kateb Arabic writer
Kathel Irish Gaelic A battle ruler.
Kauri Polynesian A New Zealand tree.
Kaushal Hindu  
Kaushik Hindu  
Kavan Irish Gaelic The handsome one.
Kavi Hindu poet
Kay Welsh Rejoiced in. A boy or girl's name.
Kayin Yoruban celebrated child
Kayne Irish Gaelic Warlike.
Kazimir Czech The great destroyer.

Boy Names Starting with Ke

Kean Irish Gaelic Ancient. Also see Keane.
Keane Old English Handsome and bold.
Kearney Celtic warrior
Keary Celtic father's dark child
Kedar Arabic Powerful.
Keefe Irish Gaelic Handsome, noble.
Keegan Irish Gaelic Fiery, determined.
Keeland Gaelic little and slender
Keeley Irish Gaelic Beautiful. A boy or girl's name.
Keenan Irish Gaelic Little, ancient.
Keeran Irish Gaelic Dark, black.
Kees Dutch Horn-coloured. From the name Cornelius.
Kegan Celtic fiery
Keir Scottish/Celtic Scottish: Probably from the surname Kerr. Celtic: Dark.
Keiran Irish Gaelic Little and dark.
Keith Celtic The wind.
Kelan Irish Gaelic Slender.
Kelby Old German From the farm by the spring or ridge.
Keled Hungarian  
Keleman Hungarian gentle, kind
Kell Old Norse From the well or spring.
Kellen German swamp
Keller Irish Gaelic Little companion.
Kelly Irish Gaelic A warrior. A boy or girl's name.
Kelsey Old Norse A dweller on the island or by the water. A boy or girl's name.
Kelso Scottish A Scottish town.
Kelt Greek A Celtic person.
Kelvin Scottish/English Friend of ships.
Kemal Arabic Perfect.
Kembell Celtic Warrior chief.
Kemble Celtic Warrior chief.
Kemenes Hungarian furnace maker
Kemp Old English A warrior, or champion.
Ken Scottish Gaelic Handsome and fair, or born of fire. From the name Kenneth and other names beginning with `Ken'.
Kenan Cornish The name of a legendary Cornish king.
Kendall English Valley of the river Kent.
Kende Hungarian name of a honor
Kendra Celtic loving male
Kendrick Celtic/Old English Celtic: A hill. Old English: Royal power.
Kenelm Old English A brave friend or protector.
Kenley Old English From the royal meadow.
Kenn Welsh/Celtic Clear as bright water.
Kennard Old English Bold and hardy.
Kennedy Irish Gaelic Royal.
Kenneth Scottish Gaelic Handsome and fair, or born of fire.
Kenny Scottish Gaelic Handsome and fair, or born of fire.
Kenrich Welsh, Old English chief hero; royal ruler
Kenrick Old English A bold ruler.
Kent Celtic Bright, white. Also from the English county, and from the name Kenneth.
Kenton Old English From the royal manor or estate.
Kenver Cornish A great chief.
Kenward Old English A bold guardian, a brave soldier.
Kenwyn Cornish/Welsh The name of a saint. A boy or girl's name.
Kenya   The name of an African country. A boy or girl's name.
Kenyon Irish Gaelic White or fair-haired.
Keon African  
Keona Hawaiian God?s gracious gift
Keoni Polynesian The righteous one.
Ker English house
Kerby Teutonic/Old Norse From the church village.
Kerecsen Hungarian falcon
Kereteki Polynesian A mythological figure.
Kermit Gaelic/Irish Gaelic A free man.
Kern Irish Gaelic The little dark one.
Kernick Cornish From the little corner.
Kernow Cornish From Cornwall.
Kerr Norse marshland
Kerrin Irish Gaelic Dark, black.
Kerry Irish Gaelic The dark one. Also the name of an Irish county. A boy or girl's name.
Kers Todas Indian name of a plant
Kersen Indonesian A cherry.
Kerwin Irish Gaelic The little black-haired one.
Keshav Hindu Krishna's name
Kester Scottish Scottish form of Christopher. Bearing Christ.
Ketan Hindu  
Keve Hungarian pebble
Keverne Irish Gaelic The name of a saint and a placename. A boy or girl's name.
Kevin Irish Gaelic Handsome, beautiful.
Keyon Old English guiding, leading

Kh through Kn

Khairi Swahili kingly
Khalid Arabic Eternal.
Khalif Arabic Successor.
Khalil Arabic A friend.
Khorshed Persian sun
Khortdad Persian perfection
Khoury Arabic priest
Kiefer German barrel-maker
Kieran Irish Dark, black.
Killara Aboriginal Permanent, always there. Also the name of a Sydney suburb.
Killian Irish Gaelic The little warlike one.
Kim Vietnamese The golden one or from the meadow.. A boy or girl's name.
Kimball Celtic Warrior chief.
Kimberley Old English From the meadow. A boy or girl's name.
Kin Japanese golden
King English A ruler, a sovereign.
Kingsley Old English From the king's wood or meadow.
Kingston Old English From the king's town.
Kinnard Irish Gaelic From the high hill.
Kinnel Gaelic dweller at the head of the cliff
Kinsey Old English A victorious king or prince.
Kintan Hindu wearing a crown
Kipling Middle English one who cures salmon or herring
Kipp English The dweller on the pointed hill.
Kiran Sanskrit A ray of light.
Kirby Teutonic/Old Norse From the church village. A boy or girl's name.
Kirill Russian Lordly.
Kirit Hindu crown, tiara
Kirk Old Norse A dweller by the church.
Kirkley Old English From the church meadow.
Kirkwood Old English From the church wood.
Kiron Greek A wise teacher.
Kirwin Irish Gaelic The little black-haired one.
Kisho Japanese one who knows his own mind
Kishore Hindu  
Kit Greek Bearing Christ or pure. A boy or girl's name.
Kito Swahili A jewel.
Kitto Cornish Bearing Christ. From the name Christopher.
Kiva Hebrew Protected.
Kiyoshi Japanese The quiet one.
Klaas Dutch The victory of the people.
Klaes Frisian The victory of the people.
Klaud Latin The lame one.
Klaus Greek Leader in victory.
Klemens German Merciful, mild.
Kliment Russian Merciful, mild.
Knox Irish Gaelic From the Hillod.
Knut Old Norse A knot. The name of several Danish kings.

Ko through Ky

Kolet Aboriginal A dove.
Kolos Hungarian scholar
Kolya Aboriginal Winter. Also a Russian nickname from Nikolai (see Nicholas).
Konan Irish Gaelic Wise and intelligent.
Konol Aboriginal The sky.
Konrad German/Polish German and Polish form of Conrad. Bold, wise counsellor.
Konstantin German/Russian/Scandinavian Steadfast.
Kont Hungarian  
Kontar Ghanese only child
Koora Aboriginal The day.
Koorong Aboriginal A canoe.
Korey Celtic/Gaelic Dweller in the hollow. A boy or girl's name.
Kornel Czech/Polish A horn.
Korvin Latin crow
Kosmo Greek Perfect order, harmony.
Kostya Russian Steadfast.
Kozma Greek decoration
Kripa Hindu has a twin sister Kripi
Kris Greek A follower of Christ, a Christian. A boy or girl's name.
Krischnan Greek christian
Krishna Sanskrit Dark, black.
Krispen Latin The curly-haired one.
Krispin Latin The curly-haired one.
Kristen Danish A follower of Christ, a Christian. A boy or girl's name.
Kristian Swedish A follower of Christ. A Christian.
Kristoffer Scandinavian Bearing Christ. The patron saint of travellers. Also see Christian.
Krunal Hindu  
Kulan Aboriginal A possum.
Kuldeep Hindu  
Kulvir Hindu  
Kumar Sanskrit A boy or son.
Kunal Hindu  
Kund Hungarian a name of a honor
Kupe Polynesian The name of a heroic explorer.
Kurt German A bold counsellor.
Kuruk Native American A bear.
Kusagra Hindu a king
Kush Hindu son of Rama
Kushan Hindu  
Kwan Korean Strong.
Kyle Scottish Gaelic From the narrow strait. Also the name of a Scottish region.
Kyler Dutch archer
Kynan Irish Gaelic Wise and intelligent.
Kyne Old English Royal.
Kyran Irish Dark, black.


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