Baby Boy Names - T

Baby Boy Names T

Including Top Baby Boy Names and Unique Baby Boy Names

Baby Boy Names Beginning with T


Taavi Finnish The beloved, the adored one. From the name David.
Tab Persian A drum or drummer.
Tabansi African one who endures
Tabari North African after famous muslim historian
Tabb Persian A drum or drummer.
Tabor Persian A drum or drummer.
Tad Irish Gaelic A poet or philosopher. Also see Teague.
Tadc Celtic  
Tadd Greek Courageous.
Taddeo Greek Courageous.
Tadi Omaha Indian wind
Taffy Welsh The beloved, the adored one. From the name David.
Taggart Gaelic A priest.
Tahir Arabic Pure and virtuous.
Tai Vietnamese The talented one.
Tailer Old French The tailor.
Tailor Old French The tailor.
Tait Old Norse Jolly, cheerful. Also see Tatum.
Tajo Spanish day
Takai Japanese  
Takoda Native American The friend of all.
Taksa Hindu a son of Bharata
Taksony Hungarian well fed, content, merciless, wild
Taku Japanese  
Talbot Old French From the valley.
Talfryn Welsh From the top of the hill.
Talib Arabic  
Taliesin Welsh A radiant brow.
Tallis Persian Wise, learned.
Talman Hebrew to injure, to oppress
Talorg Welsh  
Talos Greek giant protector of Minos island
Tam Scottish A twin or heart. A boy or girl's name.
Tama Japanese/Polynesian Japanese: A jewel. Polynesian: A boy or son. A boy or girl's name.
Tamas Greek A twin.
Tamer Turkish  
Tamir Arabic pure, tall stately

Tan through Te

Tancred Teutonic A thoughtful adviser.
Tancredo Italian of thoughtful counsel
Tane Polynesian The name of a god.
Tanek Polish immortal
Taner Turkish  
Tangaroa Polynesian Of the sea.
Tangwyn Welsh Peace.
Tanicus Latin  
Tannar Old English Leather worker.
Tanner Old English Leather worker.
Tano Ghanese name of river
Tapan Hindu  
Tapesh Hindu  
Tara Irish Gaelic/Sanskrit Irish Gaelic: A rocky hill, from the ancient home of Ireland's kings. Sanskrit: A star. The name of a Buddhist goddess. A boy or girl's name.
Tarang Hindu  
Tarasios Greek of Tarentum
Tarcal Hungarian  
Tardos Hungarian bald
Taree Aboriginal A wild fig.
Tariq Arabic The night visitor.
Tarjan Hungarian name of an honor
Tarkan Turkish  
Tarn Old Norse A mountain pool.
Taro Japanese The firstborn son.
Tarquin Latin The name of two early Roman kings.
Tarrant Old English From the name of a river.
Tarun Sanskrit Young, tender.
Tas Hungarian well fed, stone
Tashi Tibetan/Sherpa Prosperity. A boy or girl's name.
Tate Old Norse Jolly, cheerful. Also see Tatum.
Tathal Welsh  
Tathan Welsh  
Tatum Old English From Tate's homestead. A boy or girl's name.
Taurin Latin born under the sign of Taurus
Taurinus Latin  
Taurus   From Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra.
Tavis Scottish twin
Tavish Scottish Gaelic A twin. A form of Thomas.
Tawhiri Polynesian A tempest.
Taylor Old French A tailor. A boy or girl's name.
Teague Irish Gaelic A poet or philosopher.
Teal English A water bird. A boy or girl's name.
Tean Cornish One of the Isles of Scilly. A boy or girl's name.
Tearlach Scottish  
Tecer Turkish  
Tecwyn Welsh White, fair.
Ted Old English Divine gift.
Teddie Old English Divine gift.
Teddy Old English Divine gift.
Tej Hindu  
Telford Old French An iron-cutter.
Telo Old French Teliau, Th?lo, Th?liau
Tem English country
Teman Hebrew right hand, south
Temani Hebrew of Teman
Templar Old French A knight.
Tenenan Old French Tinidor, Tenedor
Tennyson Old English The son of Dennis. Wild, frenzied. Also a lover of wine. Also see Tennyson.
Tenzin Tibetan/Sherpa Protector of Dharma. A boy or girl's name.
Tenzing Tibetan/Sherpa Protector of Dharma. A boy or girl's name.
Teodor Greek The gift of God.
Tercan Turkish  
Terence Latin Tender, good gracious.
Terje Norse of Thor?s spear
Terrel Old English thunderer
Terrence   Tender, good gracious.
Terrie Latin Smooth and polished.
Terry Greek/Latin Greek: The harvester or reaper. Latin: Smooth and polished. A boy or girl's name.
Tetony Hungarian chieftain
Teulyddog Welsh  
Tewdwr Welsh  
Tex American From Texas.
Tezer Turkish  

Boy Names Beginning with Th

Thabit Arabic  
Thaddeaus Latin couragues, praiser
Thaddeus Greek Gift of God.
Thai Vietnamese many, multiple
Thaliard   From Shakespeare's play Pericles.
Thaman Hindu name of a god
Than Burmese A million. An auspicious number name.
Thane Old English A land-holding soldier. Also a Scottish clan chieftain.
Thanos Greek Noble.
Thatcher Old English roof fixer
Theobald Teutonic A bold leader of the people.
Theobold Old German the boldest
Theodore Greek Divine gift.
Theodoric Teutonic The ruler of the people. Also see Derek.
Theon Greek Godly.
Theophilus Greek beloved of God
Theron Greek The hunter.
Thersites   From Shakespeare's play Troilus & Cressida.
Theseus Greek A hero of Greek legend.
Thibaud Old French  
Thidias   From Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra.
Thierry French French form of Terence and Theodoric.
Thies Dutch Dutch diminutives of Matthew.
Thijs Dutch Dutch diminutives of Matthew.
Thomas Greek A twin.
Thor Old Norse The God of thunder in Norse mythology.
Thorald Old Norse Ruling in the manner of Thor.
Thoralf Scandinavian  
Thorbjorn Scandinavian  
Thorburn Old Norse Thor's warrior.
Thord Scandinavian  
Thore Scandinavian  
Thorfinn Scandinavian  
Thorgeirr Scandinavian  
Thorgils Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon  
Thorgrim Scandinavian  
Thorkell Scandinavian  
Thorleifr Scandinavian  
Thormund Old English Thor's protection.
Thorne Old English thorn tree
Thornley Old English From the thorny clearing.
Thornton Old English From the place among the thorns.
Thorpe Old English From the farm village.
Thorstein Scandinavian  
Thorulffr Scandinavian  
Thorvald Scandinavian  
Thorvid Scandinavian  
Thosa Old French  
Thrandr Scandinavian  
Thurborn Teutonic dweller by Thor's stream
Thurio   From Shakespeare's play Two Gentlemen of Verona.
Thurlow Old English from Thor
Thurso Scottish A Scottish placename.
Thurstan Old English Thor's stone.
Thurston Norse Thor's stone

Ti through To

Tibald Teutonic A bold leader of the people.
Tibalt Greek people's prince
Tiberius Latin After the River Tiber.
Tibold German A bold leader of the people.
Tiernan Irish Gaelic The descendant of a lord.
Tierney Irish Gaelic The descendant of a lord. A boy or girl's name.
Tihamar Hungarian likes silence
Tiki Polynesian One who is fetched, as in a spirit after death.
Tilak Hindu  
Tilford Old English From the good man's ford.
Tim Greek Honouring God, or honoured by God.
Timeus Greek perfect
Timoleon Greek I honor what I say
Timon Greek A reward, an honour. Also from Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens.
Timor   After the Timor Sea.
Timothy Greek Honouring God, or honoured by God.
Timur Hebrew, Hungarian, Turkish iron
Tinh Vietnamese mindful; aware
Tipene Maori Maori form of Stephen.
Titus Latin An old Roman name.
Titusz Hungarian dove, honored
Tivadar Hungarian gift of God
Tivon Hebrew lover of nature
Tobias Hebrew God is good. A biblical name.
Tobie Hebrew God is good. A boy or girl's name.
Toby Hebrew The Lord is good.
Tod   A fox or foxhunter.
Todd Old Norse from Latin A fox or foxhunter.
Toft Old English From the site of the building.
Toker Turkish  
Tolga Turkish  
Tom Greek A twin. A form of Thomas.
Tomaj Hungarian name of a clan
Tomas Czech/Irish/Scottish Gaelic/Spanish A twin. A form of Thomas.
Tomasz Polish A twin. A form of Thomas.
Tome Galician  
Tomi Japanese Red.
Tomkin Old English Little Tom or Thomas.
Tommy Greek A twin. A form of Thomas.
Tomo Greek A twin. A form of Thomas.
Tong Vietnamese fragrant
Tony Latin Praiseworthy, of inestimable worth.
Tor Old Norse/Celtic Old Norse: The God of thunder in Norse mythology. Celtic: A rock.
Tore Old Norse The God of thunder in Norse mythology.
Torin Gaelic The chief.
Tormey Irish Gaelic A thunder spirit.
Tormod Scottish  
Torquil Scottish Gaelic from Old Norse Thor's cauldron.
Torr Old English From the tower.
Torrance Latin Smooth and polished.
Torsten little Tom Tompkin, Tomlin
Torvald Old Norse Thor the ruler.
Toste Scandinavian  
Tostig Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian  
Touchstone   From Shakespeare's play As You Like It.
Toussaint French All the saints. Also see Santos.
Tovi Modern Hebrew Good.
Townley Old English From the town meadow.
Townsend Old English From the towns end.
Toyo Japanese plentiful

Tr through Tz

Tracy Old French Brave. A boy or girl's name.
Trahaearn Welsh strong as iron
Traherne Welsh Of iron strength.
Tran Vietnamese A family name.
Tranio   From Shakespeare's play Taming of the Shrew.
Tranter Old English wagoneer
Travis Old French From the crossing or crossroads.
Trefor Welsh From the large village.
Trefusis Cornish A placename.
Trelawney Cornish From the church village.
Tremayne Cornish From the place of the stone or rock.
Tremeur Old French Treveur
Trent English Thrifty. From the name of a river.
Trenus Latin  
Tresco Cornish From a placename, one of the Isles of Scilly.
Trethowan Cornish From the farm by the sandhills.
Trevelyan Cornish From the farm at the mill. A Cornish placename.
Trevor Welsh Prudent. From the large village.
Trey Middle English third born, three
Trigve Norwegian  
Trilby Italian Sings with trills. A boy or girl's name.
Trinculo   From Shakespeare's play The Tempest.
Trinity Latin A trio or triad, as in the Holy Trinity. A boy or girl's name.
Tripp Old English traveler
Trisanu Hindu  
Tristan Celtic The noisy one.
Tristen Celtic The noisy one.
Tristram Celtic Sad.
Troilus French place name
Trowbridge Old English From the wooden bridge.
Troy Old French Water or foot soldier. From a placename. Also the name of the ancient city in Asia Minor.
Truman Old English A trusty or faithful man.
Tryggvi Scandinavian  
Trystan Cornish/Welsh The noisy one.
Tuart Aboriginal A type of Eucalypt.
Tuathal Celtic  
Tubal   From Shakespeare's play Merchant of Venice.
Tucker Old English A cloth-worker.
Tudfwlch Welsh  
Tudi Old French  
Tudor Welsh Welsh form of Theodore. Devine gift.
Tudur Welsh  
Tugdual Old French Tual, Tugal, Pabu
Tujan Old French Tugen, Tujen
Tuncer Turkish  
Tungyr Welsh  
Ture Scandinavian  
Turi Polynesian The name of a famous chief.
Turiau Old French Turio
Turner Old French A lathe-worker.
Turpin Old Norse A Finnish man of Thor.
Tushar Hindu  
Tuvya Hebrew  
Tuyen Vietnamese Angelic.
Twain Middle English two pieces
Twyford Old English From the double ford.
Tyack Cornish A farmer.
Tybalt Teutonic A bold leader of the people.
Tycho Greek He who hits the mark.
Tye Old English From the enclosure.
Tyee Native American chief
Tyler Old English A tiler or tile-maker. A boy or girl's name.
Tymon Greek A reward, an honour.
Tynan Gaelic The dark one.
Tyne   The name of an English river. A boy or girl's name.
Tyrek Ty  
Tyrol   After the Austrian alpine region.
Tyrone Irish The name of a county in Northern Ireland.
Tyrus Latin person from Tyre
Tyson Old French A firebrand.
Tytus Polish An old Roman name.
Tzuriel Hebrew  


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