Baby Boy Names - T

Baby Boy Names T

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Baby Boy Names Beginning with T


Taavi Finnish The beloved, the adored one. From the name David.
Tab Persian A drum or drummer.
Tabansi African one who endures
Tabari North African after famous muslim historian
Tabb Persian A drum or drummer.
Tabor Persian A drum or drummer.
Tad Irish Gaelic A poet or philosopher. Also see Teague.
Tadc Celtic  
Tadd Greek Courageous.
Taddeo Greek Courageous.
Tadi Omaha Indian wind
Taffy Welsh The beloved, the adored one. From the name David.
Taggart Gaelic A priest.
Tahir Arabic Pure and virtuous.
Tai Vietnamese The talented one.
Tailer Old French The tailor.
Tailor Old French The tailor.
Tait Old Norse Jolly, cheerful. Also see Tatum.
Tajo Spanish day
Takai Japanese  
Takoda Native American The friend of all.
Taksa Hindu a son of Bharata
Taksony Hungarian well fed, content, merciless, wild
Taku Japanese  
Talbot Old French From the valley.
Talfryn Welsh From the top of the hill.
Talib Arabic  
Taliesin Welsh A radiant brow.
Tallis Persian Wise, learned.
Talman Hebrew to injure, to oppress
Talorg Welsh  
Talos Greek giant protector of Minos island
Tam Scottish A twin or heart. A boy or girl's name.
Tama Japanese/Polynesian Japanese: A jewel. Polynesian: A boy or son. A boy or girl's name.
Tamas Greek A twin.
Tamer Turkish  
Tamir Arabic pure, tall stately
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