Baby Girl Names that Start with the Letter W

Baby Girl Names W

From Wahiba to Wyuna and everything in between, hundreds of baby girl names starting with the letter W along with the meanings and origin of each name.   

Baby Naming Tip - Often when searching baby names, you will find yourself leaning towards names that mean something of importance to you. If you are hoping that your son will be independent and full of character, then why not look for names with meanings that are associated to such traits? You can also choose baby girl names based on literary figures or people with those traits.

Including Top Baby Girl Names and Unique Baby Girl Names Beginning with W

Wahiba Arabic The generous one.
Wahida Arabic Unique.
Wakanda Sioux inner magical power
Walburga Anglo-Saxon a might defender, a fortress
Walda German A ruler.
Walida Arabic The newborn girl.
Wallis Old French A foreigner, particularly a woman from Wales.
Waltraud Teutonic rule strength
Wanda Aboriginal/Teutonic Aboriginal: A sandhill. Teutonic: A Slavonic woman, or a wanderer.
Waneta Native American charger
Wanetta Old English Pale.
Wanika Hawaiian God's gracious gift.
Wapeka Native American skillful
Waratah Aboriginal A red flower.
Warrah Aboriginal Honeysuckle.
Warrina Aboriginal To give.
Waseme African  
Wasima Arabic Graceful, pretty.
Weema Aboriginal Small.
Wendi   From the name Wendy. Invented by J M Barrie in the early 1900s for his play Peter Pan.
Wendy English A name invented by J M Barrie in the early 1900s for his play Peter Pan.
Wenona Native American The firstborn daughter.
Wenonah Native American The firstborn daughter.
Whitney Old English From the white island. A boy or girl's name.
Whoopi unknown Yahoo, Yippee, Wahoo

Wi through Wy

Widjan Arabic ecstacy
Wihtburth Anglo-Saxon  
Wilda Teutonic The untamed one.
Wilfreda Teutonic Desiring peace. Feminine form of Wilfred.
Wilga Aboriginal A small tree.
Wilhelmina Teutonic The resolute protector. A feminine form of William.
Willa Aboriginal A woman or wife. Also a nickname from Wilhelmina, but sometimes used independently.
Willow Old English From the name of the Willow tree.
Wilma   The resolute protector. From the name Wilhelmina, but sometimes used as an independent name.
Wilona Old English Desired.
Win   A prosperous friend. The feminine form of Edwin.
Winda Swahili hunt
Winema Native American A female chief.
Winifred Teutonic/Welsh Teutonic: A peaceful friend. Welsh: Joyful peace.
Winnie   A prosperous friend. The feminine form of Edwin.
Winona Native American The firstborn daughter.
Winsome English Pleasant and attractive.
Winter Old English Born in the winter months. A boy or girl's name.
Wren Old English A tiny bird. A boy or girl's name.
Wyanet Native American Beautiful.
Wylie Old English Wily or beguiling. A boy or girl's name.
Wynfled Anglo-Saxon  
Wynne Cornish/Welsh Fair, or blessed. Also a diminutive of Winifred.
Wynona Native American The firstborn daughter.
Wyuna Aboriginal Clear.

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