Baby Boy Names that start with B

Baby Boy Names B

Top Boy Names and Unique Boy Names starting with B

Baby Boy Names Beginning with B


Babar Turkish A Lion.
Babul Hindu  
Bacchus Greek The Roman God of wine.
Bae Korean Inspiration.
Bahar Persian Baharak
Bailey Old French A bailiff or administrative official.
Baingana Swahili people are equal
Baird Scottish Gaelic A bard or minstrel.
Bairn Scottish child
Bajnok Hungarian victor
Bakari Swahili Promising.
Baker unknown Baxter, Baxley
Balavan Hindu powerful
Balbo Latin inarticulate
Balder Swedish god of light
Baldric Teutonic A bold or princely ruler.
Baldwin Teutonic A brave friend or protector.
Bale Ugandan home of the Mutima clan
Balfour Scottish Gaelic From the village by the pasture.
Bali Hindu Mighty warrior
Balint Latin strong and healthy
Ballard Teutonic Strong, bold.
Balram Hindu  
Balthasar Greek The Lord protects the king. One of the three wise men in the Bible.
Balthazar Greek The Lord protects the king. One of the three wise men in the Bible.
Balun Aboriginal A river.
Bancroft Old English From the bean field.
Bandele Yoruban born away from home
Bane Hawaiian long-awaited child
Banjora Aboriginal A Koala.
Bankim Hindu  
Banning Gaelic blond child
Banquo   From Shakespeare's play MacBeth.
Bansi Hindu  
Baptista Latin The baptised one.
Barabas Hebrew Barabba
Barak Hebrew A flash of lightning.
Baran Latin form of star aldebaran
Barber Latin beard
Barclay Old English From the meadow of the Birch tree.
Barden Old English From the valley of barley.
Bardo Aboriginal Water.
Bardolph   From Shakespeare's play Merry Wives of Windsor and Henry V
Bardon Anglo-Saxon barley valley
Barega Aboriginal The wind.
Barend Dutch A firm bear.
Bari French, Celtic, Welsh spear thrower, son of Harry, marksman
Barlow Old English From the barley hill.
Barna Aramic son of comforting
Barnabas Hebrew Son of a prophecy.
Barnard Teutonic As brave as a bear.
Barnardine   From Shakespeare's play A Winter's Tale.
Barnardo Teutonic Bold as a bear.
Barnet Old English From the place cleared by burning.
Barnett Old English noble man
Barney   As brave as a bear.
Barnum Old English A stone house.
Barny   As brave as a bear.
Baron Old French A nobleman.
Barrett Teutonic bear-like
Barry Irish Gaelic Like a spear.
Bars Hungarian pepper
Barse English fresh-water perch
Bart Hebrew Hill, furrow. From the name Bartholomew.
Barth Hebrew Hill, furrow. From the name Bartholomew.
Bartholomew Hebrew Hill, furrow.
Barton Old English From the Barley fields.
Baruch Hebrew Blessed.
Barwon Aboriginal A wide river.
Bashir Arabic A good omen.
Basil Greek Like a king.
Basim Arabic The smiling one.
Bassanio   From Shakespeare's play Merchant of Venice.
Bassett   From Shakespeare's play King Henry VI.
Bastiaan Greek venerable
Bastian Latin A man from Sebasta. The name of a 3rd-century saint.
Bastien Latin A man from Sebasta. The name of a 3rd-century saint.
Bates unknown  
Baudouin French A brave friend or protector.
Baul English snail
Bavol English wind
Baxter Old English A baker.
Bay Vietnamese Born on a Saturday. Also a herb and a reddish-brown colour.
Bayanai Filipino hero
Bayard Old French With reddish-brown hair.
Bayley Old French A bailiff or administrative official.
Bazyli Polish royalty

Be through Bh

Beacan Celtic, Gaelic small, little one
Beacher Old English dweller by the beech tree
Beagan Irish Gaelic The little one.
Beaman Old English beekeeper
Beardsley Old English beard, wood
Beathan Scottish Gaelic Scottish Gaelic form of Benjamin. Son of my right hand.
Beattie Irish Gaelic The provider.
Beau French Handsome or beautiful. A boy or girl's name.
Beaumont Old French A beautiful hill or mountain.
Beauregard Old French Beautiful, handsome.
Bebe French baby
Becan Irish Gaelic A little one.
Beck Old English A brook or small stream.
Becse Hungarian the kite
Bede Old English A prayer.
Bedrich Czech A peaceful ruler.
Bela Hungarian The white one. A boy or girl's name.
Belarius   From Shakespeare's play Cymbeline.
Beldon Old English beautiful pasture, child of the unspoiled glen
Belen Greek an arrow
Bellamy Old French A handsome friend.
Bem Nigerian peace
Bemus Greek platform
Ben Hebrew Son of my right hand.
Bence Hungarian victor
Benedick Latin Son of my right hand.
Benedict Latin Son of my right hand.
Benito Latin blessed
Benjamin Hebrew A son of the south, or the son of the right hand. The brother of Joseph in the Bible.
Benjy   Son of my right hand.
Bennet Latin Little blessed one.
Bennett Latin Little blessed one.
Benny   Son of my right hand.
Benson Old English Son of Benjamin. Son of my right hand.
Bentley Old English From the bent grass clearing or meadow.
Benton Old English From the bent grass farm.
Benvolio   From Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet.
Berenger French courage of a bear
Berg Teutonic A mountain.
Bergen   The name of a Norwegian port.
Berger Teutonic From the mountains.
Bergren Swedish mountain stream
Beriszl Hungarian honor
Berk Turkish solid and firm
Berkeley Old English From the Birch tree wood or meadow.
Berkly Old English From the Birch tree wood or meadow.
Bernard Teutonic Bold as a bear.
Bernardo   From Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
Bernie   Bold as a bear.
Berny   Bold as a bear.
Berowne   From Shakespeare's play Love's Labour Lost.
Berrigan Aboriginal Wattle.
Bersh English one year
Bert   Bright, nobility.
Berthold Teutonic glorious ruler
Bertie   Bright, nobility.
Bertram Teutonic A bright raven.
Berwyn Welsh Fair-haired, or a bright friend. A boy or girl's name.
Besnik Albanian  
Beval English like the wind
Bevan Welsh Son of Evan Young warrior.
Beverly Old English From the stream of the beaver. A boy or girl's name.
Bevis French After the city of Beauvais, meaning a beautiful outlook or view.
Bhagirath Hindu  
Bharat Sanskrit Being maintained. The name of the Hindu God of fire.
Bhaskar Hindu  
Bhavesh Hindu  
Bhavin Hindu Swedish
Bhavya Hindu  
Bhim Hindu  
Bhima Sanskrit The mighty one.
Bhishma Hindu  
Bhrigu Hindu a Prajapati
Bhudev Hindu lord of the earth
Bhupen Hindu  
Bhupendra Hindu  
Bhuvan Hindu  

Bi through Bo

Bialy Polish white-haired boy
Bilal Arabic first convert of muhammad
Bill   A strong and resolute protector.
Billy   A strong and resolute protector.
Bing Old English From the hollow.
Bingham Old English Crib.
Binyamin Jewish A son of the south, or the son of the right hand. The brother of Joseph in the Bible.
Biondello   From Shakespeare's play Taming of the Shrew.
Birch Old English At the Birch tree.
Bishop Old English A bishop.
Bitalo Uganda finger-licking
Bjorn Old Norse Like a bear. Also see Bernard.
Blade Old English Glory, prosperity.
Blaine Irish Gaelic Thin. A boy or girl's name.
Blair Scottish Gaelic From the plain or field. A boy or girl's name.
Blaise Latin One who lisps or stammers. A boy or girl's name.
Blake Old English Fair-haired. A boy or girl's name.
Blakeley Old English From the black meadow.
Blaxland Old English From the black land.
Blaxton Old English A black stone.
Blaz Old German unwavering protector
Bledig Welsh Like a wolf.
Blythe Old English Joyous and cheerful. A boy or girl's name.
Bo Old Norse/Chinese Old Norse: A householder. Chinese: Precious. A boy or girl's name.
Boaz Hebrew Swift and strong. The husband of Ruth in the Bible.
Bob Teutonic Famous, bright fame. Also see Hopkin, Robert, Robertson and Robinson.
Bobbie Teutonic Famous, bright fame. A boy or girl's name.
Bobby Teutonic Famous, bright fame. A boy or girl's name.
Bod Hungarian branch
Boden Old French herald
Bodo Teutonic A leader.
Bodor Hungarian curly
Bogart Old French/Teutonic A strong bow.
Bogdan Slavonic A gift from God.
Bolton Old English Of the manor farm.
Bonamy French A good friend.
Bonar Old French Kind and gentle.
Bond Old English/Old Norse A peasant fanner.
Bonner Old French Gracious, gentle.
Booker Old English beech tree
Boone Latin, French good
Booth Old Norse A shelter.
Borachio   From Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing.
Borden Old English From the valley of the boar.
Borg Scandinavian From the castle.
Boris Slavonic/Russian Warrior.
Bosley Old English A grove of trees.
Boswell Old French forested town
Bosworth Old English From the boar enclosure.
Botan Japanese peony
Botond Hungarian mace wielding warrior
Bottom   From Shakespeare's play Midsummer-Night's Dream.
Boult Cornish From Shakespeare's play Pericles.
Bourke Old English From the fort or hill.
Bowen Welsh Son of Owen.
Bowie Scottish Gaelic Golden-haired.
Bowman English the archer
Boyce Old French From the wood, or forest.
Boyd Scottish Gaelic Yellow-hair.
Boyden Anglo-Saxon a herald
Boyet   From Shakespeare's play Love's Labour's Lost.

Br through By

Brabantio   From Shakespeare's play Othello.
Brad   Broad meadow.
Braden Old English From the wide valley.
Bradford Old English A broad ford.
Bradley Old English A broad lea, meadow.
Bradwell Old English From the broad stream.
Brady Irish Gaelic From an old surname.
Brae Cornish/Gaelic A hill.
Brahnan courageous one Brahn, Brahni
Bram Hebrew The father of many.
Bramwell English place name
Bran Celtic A raven.
Branch Latin extension
Brand Swedish sword blade
Brandeis German dweller on a burned clearing
Brander Old Norse A fiery sword.
Brandon Old English A raven.
Branko Slowenian  
Brant Teutonic firebrand
Braxton   Brock's town.
Bray Old English to cry out
Brayden   Brave.
Braz Latin stammerer
Brazil   The name of a South American country.
Brecon Welsh The name of a group of mountains.
Brencis Latin crowned with laurel
Brendan Irish Gaelic A raven.
Brennan   Raven-like.
Brent Old English/Celtic A steep climb.
Breok Cornish/Welsh The name of an early saint.
Breton Old English From a place in Somerset.
Brett Old English Briton, British.
Brewster Middle English One who brews beer.
Briac Celtic estime
Brian Celtic Strong one.
Briand French castle
Brice Celtic The son of Rice.
Brigham Old English Covered bridge.
Brighton Hebrew the one who is loved
Brij Hindu  
Brijesh Hindu  
Brinley Old English tawny
Brishen English born during a rain
Bristol unknown  
Brock Old English A badger.
Broderick Welsh Son of Roderick. A renowned ruler.
Brodie Irish Gaelic A ditch. A boy or girl's name.
Brodny Slavic one who lives near a shallow stream crossing
Brody Welsh Son of Roderick. A renowned ruler.
Brom Gaelic raven
Bromley Old English From the place where broom grows.
Bronson Old English Strong, fierce one.
Brook Old English At the brook or stream. A boy or girl's name.
Brooke Old English At the brook or stream. A boy or girl's name.
Broughton Old English From the town on a hill.
Brown Middle English colour
Bruce Old French Woods.
Bruno Teutonic Brown haired.
Brutus Latin Bruto
Bryan   Strong one.
Bryant   Strong, honourable.
Bryce Celtic The speckled, or freckled, one.
Brychan Welsh The speckled, or freckled, one.
Bryn Welsh A hill. A boy or girl's name.
Brynmor Welsh A large hill.
Buck Old English A lover of horses.
Buckley Old English From the meadow of the buck deer.
Bud American Messenger, friend. Originally a short form of buddy (friend), but now used as an independent name, particularly in the USA.
Buddy   Friend.
Budi Indonesian The wise one.
Burchard Teutonic A strong protector.
Burdon Old English A dweller at the hill fort.
Burgess Old French from Teutonic The citizen of a town.
Burhan Arabic proof
Burian Ukranian he lives near the weeds
Burke Old English From the fortress.
Burl Old English A cup bearer or wine server.
Burle Middle English knotted wood
Burley Old English From the fort or castle meadow.
Burnaby Old Norse The warrior's estate.
Burnard Teutonic As brave as a bear. Also see Bjorn.
Burne Old English brook
Burnell Old French The little brown-haired one.
Burnet Old French The brown one. Also a plant name.
Burnu Aboriginal A tree.
Burnum Aboriginal A great warrior.
Burr Swedish youth
Burt English A short form of the name Burton. Also a variation of Bert.
Burton Old English From the fortified farm or town.
Busby Old Norse From the farm in the thicket.
Buster English A nickname, but it is sometimes used independently.
Butler Old French The head servant.
Byford Old English A dweller by the ford.
Bylent Turkish  
Byng Old English From the hollow.
Byron Old English Bear or cottage.

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