Baby Girl Names beginning with T

Baby Girl Names T

The Top Girl Names and Unique Girl Names that start with T

Baby Girl Names Beginning with T


Tabitha Aramaic A doe or gazelle. A biblical name. Also see Dorcas.
Taborri Native American voices that carry
Taci Zuni Indian washtub
Tacincala Native American deer
Tacita Latin Silent or peaceful.
Tadako Japanese child of Tada
Tadi Omaha Indian wind
Tahira Arabic Pure and virtuous.
Tahirah Arabic chaste, pure
Tahnee   Silver-haired. Also see Tanya.
Tahnia   Silver-haired. Also see Tanya.
Tailynn unknown  
Taima Native American crash of thunder
Tainn Native American new moon
Taipa Miwok Indian to spread wings
Tajsa princess  
Taka Japanese Tall, or honourable.
Takako Japanese child of Taka
Takara Japanese A treasure.
Takiyah North African pious, righteous
Tala Native American stalking wolf
Talasi Hopi Indian corn-tassel flower
Tale African green
Taleen Armenian Tal, Taline, Talyn
Talia Aboriginal/Greek/Hebrew/Russian Aboriginal: Near water. Greek: Flourishing. Hebrew: Dew. Russian: Born at Christmas. From the name Natalya.
Talitha Aramaic A little girl or maiden. A biblical name.
Tallara Aboriginal Rain.
Tallulah Native American Running water.
Talulla Irish Gaelic A prosperous lady.
Talwyn Cornish A fair brow.
Talya Russian Born at Christmas. From the name Natalya.
Tam Scottish A twin or heart. A boy or girl's name.
Tama Japanese/Polynesian Japanese: A jewel. Polynesian: A boy or son. A boy or girl's name.
Tamah   A jewel. From the name Tama.
Tamali Hindu  
Tamara Hebrew A palm tree. A popular name in Germany and Russia.
Tamasine   Twin.
Tamatha   A palm tree. A popular name in Germany and Russia.
Tambrey unknown immortal
Tamera Hebrew A spice or palm tree.
Tamiko Japanese child of Tami
Tammi   A palm tree.
Tammie   A palm tree.
Tammy   A palm tree.
Tamora   From Shakespeare's play Titua Andronicus.
Tamsin Cornish A free person. A feminine form of Charles, Also see Carla, Carol and Caroline.
Tamsyn Native American Tami
Tanaka Japanese dweller
Tanasha strong willed, persistant Tenyasha
Tani Japanese From the valley.
Tania   Silver-haired. A nickname for Tatyana. Also see Titania.
Tansy Greek Immortal. A flower name.
Tanu Hindu  
Tanuja Hindu  
Tanushi Hindu  
Tanvi Hindu  
Tanya Russian Silver-haired. A nickname for Tatyana. Also see Titania.
Tao Chinese Long life.
Tapanga African, Hebrew sweet, unpredictable
Tapi Hindu  
Tapti Hindu  
Tara Irish Gaelic/Sanskrit Irish Gaelic: A rocky hill, from the ancient home of Ireland's kings. Sanskrit: A star. The name of a Buddhist goddess. A boy or girl's name.
Tarana Aboriginal A large waterhole.
Taranga Polynesian A figure from legend.
Tarra Aboriginal A creek.
Tarsha Native American  
Taryn   The name of a county in Northern Ireland. Feminine form of Tyrone.
Tasha   Born at Christmas. From the name Natalya.
Tashi Tibetan/Sherpa Prosperity. A boy or girl's name.
Tasmine   Twin.
Tathra Aboriginal Beautiful country.
Tatum Old English From Tate's homestead. A boy or girl's name.
Tatya Aboriginal A goanna.
Tatyana Latin Silver-haired. A popular Russian name. Also see Tanya.
Tavia   The eighth.
Tawnie English little one, yellowish-brown
Tawny Old French With yellowish-brown hair.
Tayce French silence
Tayen Native American new moon
Taylar Old French to cut
Taylor Old French A tailor. A boy or girl's name.
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