Baby Boy Names that begin with C

Baby Boy Names C

The Top Boy Names and Unique Boy Names starting with C

Baby Boy Names Beginning with C


Cable Old French rope
Cadby Old Norse The warrior's settlement.
Cadell Welsh The battle spirit.
Cadeo Vietnamese folk song
Cadman Celtic A man of battle.
Cadmus Greek A man from the east. A mythological figure.
Cadogan Old Welsh Honour in battle.
Caedmon Celtic A wise warrior.
Caerwyn Welsh A blessed or holy fort.
Caesar Latin The name of the famous Roman emperor.
Cahil Turkish Young and inexperienced.
Cailan Gaelic child
Cailean Scottish Gaelic The victory of the people.
Cain Hebrew/Old French The son of Adam and Eve who murdered his brother Abel. Old French: Battlefield. Also see Cane.
Caine   The son of Adam and Eve who murdered his brother Abel. Old French: Battlefield. Also see Cane.
Caithness   From Shakespeare's play Macbeth.
Caius   From Shakespeare's play Titus Andronicus.
Cal Old English A calf herder.
Calder Old English Stream.
Caldwell Old English cold spring
Caleb Hebrew The devoted one.
Caley Irish Gaelic Slender. A boy or girl's name.
Calhoun   Warrior.
Caliban   From Shakespeare's play The Tempest.
Calisto Greek most beautiful
Calixto Latin a chalice
Callis Latin cup
Calum Scottish Dove.
Calvert Old English A calf herder.
Calvin Latin The little bald one.
Calvine   The little bald one.
Cam Vietnamese, English orange fruit, sweet, beloved, referring to the sun
Camden Gaelic From the winding valley.
Cameron Scottish Gaelic A crooked nose. From an old Scottish surname.
Camille Latin Virginal, unblemished character. Also from a Roman family name. A boy or girl's name.
Camillo   From Shakespeare's play Winter's Tale.
Camlin Celtic crooked line
Campbell Scottish Gaelic A crooked mouth. The name of one of the great Scottish highland clans.
Candan Turkish sincerely
Candidius   From Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra.
Cane Gaelic An old surname.
Canice Irish Gaelic The handsome one. The name of several early saints.
Cannon Kannon, Canon  
Canute Old Norse A knot. The name of several Danish kings.
Caphis   From Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens.
Capucius   From Shakespeare's play Henry VIII.
Capulet   From Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet.
Caradoc Celtic/Welsh Beloved or amiable.
Carden Celtic from the black fortress
Cardew Cornish/Welsh The black fort.
Carel Dutch A free man.
Carey Irish/Celtic/Cornish Irish: The name of a castle. Celtic: From the river. Cornish: The loved one. A boy or girl's name.
Carl German A free man.
Carleton   Carl's town or farmer's town.
Carlin Cornish/IrishGaelic Cornish: From the fort by the pool. Irish Gaelic: The little champion. A boy or girl's name.
Carlisle Old English The place of the fort.
Carlo Italian A free man.
Carlos Portuguese/Spanish A free man.
Carlton Old English From the settlement of the free peasants.
Carlyle Old English Carl's island
Carlyon Cornish From the slate earthworks.
Carmelo Hebrew From the garden. After mount Carmel in the holy land.
Carne Cornish A pile of rocks.
Carnelian   The name of a gemstone. A boy or girl's name.
Carr Old Norse From the marshland. Also see Carson.
Carrick Irish Gaelic A rocky cliff or cape.
Carrington Old English beautiful
Carroll Irish Gaelic A fierce warrior.
Carson Old English From the marshland. Son of Carr.
Carsten German A follower of Christ. A Christian.
Carsyn   From the marshland. Son of Carr.
Carter Old English A cart driver or maker.
Carvell Old French The marshy estate, or the estate of the spearman.
Carver Old English Wood carver.
Carwyn Welsh Blessed love.
Cary Irish/Celtic/Cornish Irish: The name of a castle. Celtic: From the river. Cornish: The loved one. A boy or girl's name.
Case Old French chest
Casey Irish Gaelic The vigilant one. A boy or girl's name.
Casimir Old Slavonic The great destroyer.
Caspar Persian The treasurer. The name of one of the three wise men in the new testament. Also see Gaspar and Jasper.
Casper Persian treasurer
Cassidy Irish Gaelic The clever or ingenious one.
Cassio   From Shakespeare's play Othello.
Cassius Latin Vain.
Castel Spanish belonging to a castle
Cathal Irish Gaelic A battle ruler.
Cathan Irish Gaelic Of the battle. Also see Kane.
Cathmor Irish Gaelic A great warrior.
Cato Latin The wise one.
Caton Spanish knowledgable, wise
Cavan Irish Gaelic The handsome one.
Cayden Gaelic spirit of battle
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