Baby Boy Names - M

Baby Boy Names M

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Baby Boy Names Beginning with M


Maaka Maori Maori form of Mark. From Marcus, which relates to Mars, the God of war.
Maarten Dutch Don't deceive.
Mablevi African do not deceive
Mabon Welsh A son.
Mac Scottish The son of. Diminutive of names beginning with `Mac'.
Macarius Latin Blessed.
Macbeth   From Shakespeare's play Macbeth.
Macdonald Scottish Gaelic The son of Donald. The ruler of the world.
Macduff   From Shakespeare's play Macbeth.
Mace Latin aromatic spice
Macey Old English Little Matthew. A man.
Mackay Gaelic Son of the fiery one.
Mackenzie Scottish Gaelic The son of the handsome one.
Macmorris   From Shakespeare's play Henry V.
Macon Middle English to make
Macy Old French, Old English from Matthew?s land; club
Madan Hindu  
Maddock Old Welsh champion, good fortune
Maddox   Son of the patron.
Madhav Hindu Krishna
Madhusudhana Hindu Krishna
Madison Old English Child of Maud or Matthew. A boy or girl's name.
Madoc Old Welsh Fortunate.
Madron Latin A nobleman. A Jewish name. Also a Cornish placename.
Magee Scottish Gaelic The son of the handsome one.
Magne Norse fierce warrior
Magnus Latin The great one.
Magus Greek A magician or priest.
Mahabala Hindu strength
Mahavira Hindu son of Priyavrata
Mahendra Sanskrit The great God Indra (the God of the sky).
Mahesh Sanskrit A great ruler.
Mahir Hebrew Industrious.
Mahmood Arabic Praiseworthy. Also see Muhammad.
Mahomet Arabic The praised one. Also see Mahmood.
Mahon Irish A bear.
Maitland Old French From the meadowland.
Maitreya Hindu disciple of sage Parasara
Majid Arabic The illustrious one.
Major Latin greater
Maka Aboriginal A small fire.
Makani Hawaiian The wind. A boy or girl's name.
Makepeace Old English peace maker
Makis Greek Greek form of Michael.
Mako   The name of a shark.
Maksim Russian The greatest.
Makya Native American The eagle hunter.
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