Baby Girl Names beginning with E

Baby Girl Names E

The Top Girl Names and Unique Girl Names that start with E

Baby Girl Names Beginning with E

Eartha Old English Of the earth.
Easter Old English From the holiday.
Ebba Old English From the rich fortress.
Ebere African mercy
Eberta Teutonic Bright, brilliant.
Ebony Greek A black wood.
Ebrel Cornish From April, the first month in the Roman calendar, and the beginning of spring. Cornish form of April.
Echo Greek A repeating round. The name of a nymph in Greek mythology.
Eda Old English Rich, prosperous.
Edalene   Noble, King.
Edaline   Noble, King.
Edana Gaelic Fiery.
Edda Old English rich
Edeline German Noble and kind. Also see Adele.
Eden Hebrew/Old English Hebrew: The place of pleasure (from the Garden of Eden). Old English: A bear cub. A boy or girl's name.
Edena Hawaiian Renewal, rejuvenation.
Edeva Old English A rich gift.
Edina   A prosperous friend. The feminine form of Edwin.
Edith Old English Prosperity, or a gift.
Edlyn Old English A noble maiden.
Edme Scottish Protector. A variation of Esme, and the feminine form of Edmund.
Edmonda Old English A rich protector. The feminine form of Edmund.
Edna Hebrew Renewal, rejuvenation.
Edolie Old English noble
Edrea Old English Prosperous, powerful.
Edria Hebrew mighty
Edwerdina Old English A prosperous guardian. The female form of Edward.
Edwina Old English A prosperous friend. The feminine form of Edwin.
Edythe   Prosperity, or a gift.
Eerin Aboriginal A small grey owl.
Effie   Of good reputation.
Effy   Of good reputation.
Efia Ghanese born on tuesday
Efrosini Hebrew a fawn or a bird
Efterpi Greek pretty in face
Egeria Greek A wise adviser.
Eglantine Old French A flower name, from Old French.
Eiddwen Welsh The beloved fair one.
Eileen Irish Gaelic The light of the sun. The Irish form of Helen.
Eilis Irish Gaelic A form of Elizabeth, meaning consecrated to God.
Eir Old Norse The name of the goddess of healing.
Eira Welsh Snow.
Eireen   Peace.
Eirena   Peace.
Eirene   Peace.
Eirian Welsh Silver.
Eirwen Welsh As white as snow.
Eithne Irish Gaelic Ardent, fiery. Also see Aine and Ena.
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