Baby Boy Names beginning with A

Baby Boy Names A

The Top Boy Names and Unique Boy Names that start with A

Baby Boy Names Beginning with A


Aakarshan Hindu attraction
Aaron Hebrew Exalted. Aaron was the brother of Moses in the Bible.
Abaddon Hebrew Destruction.
Abba Hebrew A father.
Abban Latin White.
Abbas Arabic Stern.
Abbott Old English The father of the abbey.
Abdel Arabic servent
Abdiel Hebrew The servant of God. Faithful servant.
Abdieso Persian  
Abdul Arabic The son of, or servant of.
Abdullah Arabic The servant of Allah.
Abe Hebrew Father of a multitude.
Abejundio Spanish relating to the abaje (bee)
Abel Hebrew A breath. A son of Adam and Eve in the Bible.
Abelard Teutonic Nobly resolute.
Abenzio Celtic  
Abercio Latin  
Abernethy Scottish Gaelic The mouth of the Nethy River.
Abhay Hindu a son of Dharma
Abhi Hindu  
Abhijit Hindu a constellation dear to Hari
Abhinav Hindu  
Abhishek Hindu  
Abhorson   From Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure.
Abi Turkish An elder brother.
Abie Hebrew Breath, or the son of Adam and Eve in the Bible.
Abiel Hebrew God is the father.
Abijah Hebrew The Lord is my father.
Abir Arabic/Hebrew Arabic: The fragrant one. Hebrew: Strong.
Abisha Hebrew God's gift.
Abner Hebrew Father of light. A biblical name.
Abraham Hebrew Father of a multitude.
Abram   High father.
Abrasha Hebrew father
Absalom Arabic The father of peace. A son of David in the Bible. Also see Axel.
Abudemio Assyrian  
Abundiantus Latin plentiful
Acacio Hebrew the Lord holds
Acario Latin ungrateful
Accursius Latin to hasten
Ace Latin Unity.
Acelin French Noble.
Achilles Greek A handsome figure in Greek mythology.
Achyuta Hindu a name of Vishnu
Ackerley Old English A dweller in the meadow.
Ackley Old English A dweller in the Oak tree meadow.
Acton Old English From the settlement with Oak trees.
Acuzio Latin sharp
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