Baby Boy Names - E

Baby Boy Names E

Including Top Baby Boy Names and Unique Baby Boy Names

Baby Boy Names Beginning with E


Eachan Scottish Gaelic A brown horse.
Eamnonn Irish Gaelic Irish Gaelic form of Edmund. Protector.
Eamon   Protector.
Earl Old English A nobleman.
Earnest Teutonic The serious, earnest one.
Earvin Scottish From a placename (Irving).
Eaton Old English From the estate by the river.
Eban Hebrew stone
Ebenezer Hebrew The rock of help. A placename that is mentioned in the Bible.
Eberhard Teutonic As brave as a wild boar. Also see Everard.
Ebrahim Arabic Arabic form of Abraham.
Ed Old English Happy guardian. From the name Edgar, Edmund, Edward, Edwin and other names.
Edan Irish Gaelic The little fiery one.
Edbert Old English Prosperous and bright.
Eddie   Great spearman.
Eddy   Great spearman.
Eden Hebrew/Old English Hebrew: The place of pleasure (from the Garden of Eden). Old English: A bear cub. A boy or girl's name.
Edgar Old English Great spearman.
Edgardo Old English/French prosperous warrior
Edison Old English The son of Edgar, Edmund or Edward. Great spearman.
Edlin Old English A prosperous friend.
Edmond English prosperous protector
Edmund Old English Protector.
Edolf Old English A prosperous wolf.
Edom Hebrew Red.
Edric Old English A prosperous ruler.
Edsel Teutonic The noble one.
Edward Old English Happy guardian.
Edwardo   Happy guardian.
Edwin Old English Prosperous friend.
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