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Baby Boy Names Beginning with E

Including Top Baby Boy Names and Unique Baby Boy Names that start with the letter E

From Eamon to Ezra and everything in between, hundreds of baby boy names starting with the letter E along with the meanings and origin of each name.   

Baby Naming Tip - When choosing baby boy names, write the complete name (including the middle name) and check the initials. Don't choose names that end up creating less than desirable initials, for example: Daria Ophelia Gomez (D.O.G.)

Baby Boy Names E

Baby Boy Names E

Eachan Scottish Gaelic A brown horse.
Eamnonn Irish Gaelic Irish Gaelic form of Edmund. Protector.
Eamon   Protector.
Earl Old English A nobleman.
Earnest Teutonic The serious, earnest one.
Earvin Scottish From a placename (Irving).
Eaton Old English From the estate by the river.
Eban Hebrew stone
Ebenezer Hebrew The rock of help. A placename that is mentioned in the Bible.
Eberhard Teutonic As brave as a wild boar. Also see Everard.
Ebrahim Arabic Arabic form of Abraham.
Ed Old English Happy guardian. From the name Edgar, Edmund, Edward, Edwin and other names.
Edan Irish Gaelic The little fiery one.
Edbert Old English Prosperous and bright.
Eddie   Great spearman.
Eddy   Great spearman.
Eden Hebrew/Old English Hebrew: The place of pleasure (from the Garden of Eden). Old English: A bear cub. A boy or girl's name.
Edgar Old English Great spearman.
Edgardo Old English/French prosperous warrior
Edison Old English The son of Edgar, Edmund or Edward. Great spearman.
Edlin Old English A prosperous friend.
Edmond English prosperous protector
Edmund Old English Protector.
Edolf Old English A prosperous wolf.
Edom Hebrew Red.
Edric Old English A prosperous ruler.
Edsel Teutonic The noble one.
Edward Old English Happy guardian.
Edwardo   Happy guardian.
Edwin Old English Prosperous friend.

Ef through Ek

Efrain Spanish Fruitful. One of the sons of Joseph in the Bible.
Efram Hebrew Fruitful. One of the sons of Joseph in the Bible.
Efrem Hebrew Fruitful. One of the sons of Joseph in the Bible.
Egan Irish Gaelic Little fire.
Egbert Old English A bright sword.
Egerton Old English edge
Egeus   From Shakespeare's play Midsummer-Night's Dream.
Egil Norwegian, French the edge or point, a sting
Eglamour   From Shakespeare's play Two Gentlemen of Verona.
Egmont German weapon, defender
Egon Teutonic The point of a sword.
Egor Russian Russian form of George. A tiller of the soil (farmer).
Egyed Hungarian shieldbearer
Ehner Old English Noble and famous.
Ehno Italian from Teutonic A protector.
Ehnore Old English From the riverbank with Elm trees.
Ehren Teutonic Honourable.
Ehud Hebrew The sympathetic one.
Eideard Scottish Gaelic A rich guardian.
Einar Old Norse A lone warrior.
Eirik Norwegian An all-powerful ruler.
Eisig Hebrew he who laughs
Ekachakra Hindu son of Kashyapa
Eknath Hindu poet, saint

El through Em

Eladio Latin A man from Greece.
Elan Hebrew/ Native American Hebrew: A tree. North American Indian: The friendly one.
Eland Old English From the island.
Elbert Teutonic Noble and illustrious.
Elbow   From Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure.
Elden Old English An old, wise friend.
Eldin Old English An old, wise friend.
Eldon Old English From the hill.
Eldred Old English A great counsellor.
Eldric Old English An old, wise ruler.
Eldrich Old English An old, wise ruler.
Eldridge Old English From the Alder tree ridge.
Eldwin Old German old friend
Eleazar Hebrew God is my help.
Elek Hungarian helper and defender of mankind
Elezar Hebrew God is my help.
Elgan Welsh bright circle
Elgar Old English A noble spear.
Eli Hebrew The highest. A biblical name. Also from the name Elias, Elijah, Elisha.
Elia   The Lord is God.
Elias Hebrew The Lord is God. An Israelite prophet in the Bible.
Elijah Hebrew The Lord is God.
Eliot   The Lord is God.
Elisha Hebrew God is my salvation. The successor of Elijah in the Bible. A boy or girl's name.
Elkan Hebrew Possessed by God.
Ellar Scottish Gaelic A butler or steward.
Ellard Teutonic A noble ruler.
Ellery Teutonic/Cornish Tuetonic: From the Elder tree. Cornish: A Swan.
Elliot   The Lord is God. From the name Elijah.
Elliott English from Old French The Lord is God.
Ellis English from Greek A form of Elias. See Elijah.
Ellison English from Greek The son of Ellis or Elias. The Lord is God. Also see Elijah.
Elmar Old English famous nobleman
Elmo unknown proctector
Elner Teutonic Famous.
Eloy Latin To choose. A Spanish name.
Elroy English from French The king. Also see Leroy.
Elsdon Old English From the noble one's valley.
Elston Old English From the nob one's farm.
Elton Old English The old town.
Elu Native American full of grace
Elvin Teutonic All wise.
Elvis Old Norse All wise.
Elvy Old English An elfin warrior.
Elward Old English A noble guardian.
Elwin Old English A friend of the elves.
Elwood Old English The ruler of the elves.
Ely   The highest.
Emerson   The son of Emery. Ruler of work.
Emery Teutonic Ruler of work.
Emil Teutonic Industrious. The masculine form of Emily.
Emilio Italian/Spanish Industrious. The masculine form of Emily.
Emir Arabic charming prince
Emlen Teutonic Industrious. The masculine form of Emily.
Emlyn Welsh Industrious. The masculine form of Emily.
Emmanuel Hebrew God is with us. A boy or girl's name.
Emmet Old English Industrious. A boy or girl's name.
Emrey Teutonic An industrious ruler.
Emrick Welsh immortal
Emrys Welsh Welsh form of Ambrose. Immortal.
Emyr Welsh Honour.

En through Er

Enda Irish Gaelic Bird-like. A boy or girl's name.
Endymion Greek A beautiful youth from mythology.
Eneas Greek The praised one.
Engelbert Teutonic A bright Angel.
Ennis Celtic From the island. Also see Innes.
Ennor Cornish From the boundary. A boy or girl's name.
Enoch Hebrew Experienced, or consecrated. A biblical name.
Enos Hebrew Mankind. A character in the Bible. Also an Irish form of Angus.
Enrico Italian The ruler of the home or estate.
Enrique Portuguese/Spanish The ruler of the home or estate.
Enzo Italian From the Laurel tree or crowned with laurels. From the name Lorenzo and other names.
Eoin Gaelic Gaelic form of John. God is gracious.
Ephraim Hebrew Fruitful. One of the sons of Joseph in the Bible.
Erasmus Greek Worthy of love.
Erastus Greek The loving one.
Ercole Italian From the exceptionally strong mythological hero (Hercules).
Erebus Greek The mythological God of darkness.
Erek Polish lovable
Erhard Teutonic Strong and honourable.
Eric Old Norse Honourable ruler.
Erik Norwegian Honourable ruler.
Erin Irish Gaelic From Ireland. A boy or girl's name.
Erith Old English From the gravelly landing place. An English placename.
Erland Old Norse A foreigner, a stranger.
Ermanno Italian A man of the army.
Ernest Teutonic The serious, earnest one.
Ernie   The serious, earnest one.
Eros Greek The God of love.
Errol Scottish To wander.
Erroll   To wander.
Erskine Scottish Gaelic From the heights.
Eruera Maori Maori form of Edward. Happy guardian.
Ervin Scottish From a placename (Irving).
Erwin Old English From the words `boar' and 'friend'.
Eryx Greek A mythological figure.

Es through Ez

Esau Hebrew The hairy one. The son of Isaac and brother of Jacob in the Bible.
Esbern Old Norse A divine bear.
Escalus   From Shakespeare's plays Measure for Measure and Romeo & Juliet.
Escanes   From Shakespeare's play Pericles
Esidor Greek The gift of Isis (an Egyptian goddess).
Esmond Old English The gracious or handsome protector.
Esra Hebrew The helper. A prophet in the Bible.
Essex Old English The Saxons from the east. An English county.
Essien African sixth-born son
Este Italian From the east.
Esteban Spanish Spanish form of Stephen. A crown or garland.
Estes Latin estuary
Ethan Hebrew Firm, strong.
Ethelred Teutonic A noble counsellor.
Etienne French French form of Stephen.
Eton Old English From the estate by the river.
Ettore Italian To hold fast. The name of a Trojan hero in classical mythology.
Etzel Teutonic The noble one.
Euan Scottish Gaelic Possibly meaning born of the Yew tree.
Eudor Greek good gift
Eugene Greek Born lucky.
Eumann Scottish Gaelic A prosperous protector. Also see Eamonn.
Euridice unknown justice
Eurwyn Welsh Fair and golden.
Eusebio Greek Pious, respectful.
Eustace Greek Fruitful, or steadfast.
Evan Welsh Young warrior. Also see John and Owen.
Evander Greek A good man. A mythological character.
Evangelos Greek The evangelist.
Evelyn English From an old surname, but also related to Eve. A boy or girl's name.
Everard Old English As strong or brave as a boar. Also see Eberhard.
Everet Old English As strong or brave as a boar. Also see Eberhard.
Everett Old English As strong or brave as a boar. Also see Eberhard.
Everild Old English The slayer of the boar. A boy or girl's name.
Everley Old English From the place of the wild boar.
Evzen Czech of noble birth
Ewald Teutonic He who rules by the law.
Ewan Scottish Gaelic Possibly meaning born of the Yew tree.
Ewart Old English A ewe herder.
Ewing Old English A friend of the law.
Eydie   Rich gift.
Ezekiel Hebrew God strengthens, or the strength of God. One of the books of the Bible.
Ezio Latin Like an eagle.
Ezra Hebrew The helper. A prophet in the Bible.


Baby Boy Names List

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