Popular Baby Names for 2003


Rank Boy Names Girl Names
1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Emma
3 Joshua Madison
4 Matthew Hannah
5 Andrew Olivia
6 Ethan Abigail
7 Joseph Alexis
8 Daniel Ashley
9 Christopher Elizabeth
10 Anthony Samantha
11 William Isabella
12 Nicholas Sarah
13 Ryan Grace
14 David Alyssa
15 Tyler Lauren
16 Alexander Kayla
17 John Brianna
18 James Jessica
19 Dylan Taylor
20 Zachary Sophia
21 Brandon Anna
22 Jonathan Victoria
23 Samuel Natalie
24 Benjamin Chloe
25 Christian Sydney
26 Justin Hailey
27 Nathan Jasmine
28 Logan Rachel
29 Gabriel Morgan
30 Jose Megan
31 Noah Jennifer
32 Kevin Kaitlyn
33 Austin Julia
34 Caleb Haley
35 Robert Katherine
36 Thomas Mia
37 Elijah Destiny
38 Jordan Alexandra
39 Aidan Ava
40 Cameron Nicole
41 Hunter Savannah
42 Jason Maria
43 Connor Brooke
44 Evan Ella
45 Jack Mackenzie
46 Luke Allison
47 Angel Paige
48 Isaac Jordan
49 Isaiah Stephanie
50 Aaron Faith




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